#528 – girl, i envy you

Thanks for waiting guys. I'm back to NY and we're back to updates! Emerald City was a blast -- thanks to those who came! Here's a one-shot, there will likely be a few more in the next week.

4 thoughts on “#528 – girl, i envy you

  1. Damn, poor Mar :/

    1. There, there… She's in a better place now…

  2. I really hope, in this arc, marigold learns how to be alone. The idea that fucking random strangers is the best part about being single is so silly. Whoever is talking to Marigold just doesn't get it…
    If Marigold is truly unhappy alone then she is still gonna be unhappy if she finds someone.

    Love your stuff as always, Gran.

  3. That is a great piece of wisdom that I wish someone would've taught me.
    Also, being alone does not mean being lonely.
    I used to go from relationship to relationship (on accident, really), but after my last break up with my fiance now I am alone for the first time. Yes there are lonely times, but after a decade of not being alone it is simply a learning curve. I am slowly learning to be okay with being alone, and finding stuff I like to do. Hobbies, friends, alone time, these are all things that were missing in my life. I am finding balance in my life I didn't have before, and it is wonderful.

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