#527 – stretched too thin

"Stretched too thin" was my headspace. I was about to leave for Emerald City Comic Con, and I sat next to an empty airplane seat. In my misery I pretended to enjoy the extra room. Octopus Pie was a huge hit at the show that year, but I was somewhere else, wondering how to get back to something that was gone. What followed were weeks of obsession, circular thinking and indulging every impulse. Haha I won't luxuriate too much more in these memories, but I do think this is relevant to where the comic went. I had to rewire things because I was rewiring myself. That's how it went.

4 thoughts on “#527 – stretched too thin

  1. I definitely do not think you're being indulgent sharing your headspace at the time. It's giving so much depth to what is already my favorite comic. Keep on sharing <3

  2. This comic fundamentally changed after this storyline.
    I think it makes sense that this occurred because you had too.

  3. Actually is sort of fascinating to hear about the tumult that artists go through at periods of their life. It either serves to reframe and interpret their work during that time, or to be amazed at how they managed to do what they did /in spite/ of the inner commotion.

  4. Late post ahoy!

    I actually love post-commentary on a completed webcomic for the artist insights. For anyone reading Guilded Age (looking at you Mauricio!) that is also currently going through re-runs with commentary, seeing the 'background' information makes the ongoing story even more fascinating.

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