#521 – how bad you suck

Oh weird, this "Janey" nickname didn't stick at all! Speaking of things that didn't stick, isn't it nutty how I hand-lettered a double hyphen in place of drawing an em dash? My editor at Image made me change every last one of these. This is why most people would benefit from editorial feedback now and then. Even indie cranks like me have weird rules stuck in their brains that deserve to be unstuck.

5 thoughts on “#521 – how bad you suck

  1. I just looked up emdash usage, and I learned they are "…so called because they are (at least historically) the width of the character m"

    1. Uppercase M actually, since we're being pedantic!

      1. Good to know.

  2. I hope it's canon that Mike is 32.

  3. Mike is certainly not 32 though

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