#509 – you silly goose

It haunts me that a generation of tech guys use words like "Palantir" to describe their ghoulish surveillance contracts and immortality projects. I honestly think about this comic every time the company is in the news, and it spins me into a miniature state of despair, those little itching ones that have become part of everyday life. Check 'em out!

4 thoughts on “#509 – you silly goose

  1. Oh yes, I am familiar with those mini-despairs.

  2. Man, Eve gets asploded a lot this storyline.

  3. This is why the Second Avenue Line is taking so long

  4. I still can't imagine what the thought process behind Palantir was. "You know those all-seeing orbs from Lord of the Rings that the Dark Lord uses to surveil his people and mind-control the leaders under his command? What if we named ourselves after them, and also did as much as we could to replicate their basic functionality? That sounds like something that would make the world a better place!"

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