#506 – 2nd avenue tunnel

So there actually has been some traction on this shit since I made the snide joke. You can now catch the 2nd avenue subway between 65th and 105th street. The other bit of traction is we widely don't believe New York City will exist for another 200 years, so I guess Jane is officially wrong.

3 thoughts on “#506 – 2nd avenue tunnel

  1. The 2nd Ave. subway only goes up to 96th St. right now. (As Marigold would say, "Gasp! I knew a thing!")

  2. Won't exist — that's ridiculous! The Wall Street reefs will be a world famous diving location among the yachting classes. :S

  3. I mean, New York City not existing is definitely kind of a problem, maybe 200 years from now they won't think so, but I think it now.

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