#505 – almost practically annoyed

I was trying more bold black lines in these pages. I like the contrast - I think it lends itself to the cold weather in these pages. I always drew OP stories in the season I was experiencing at the time - unless they went on for too damn long, which was always a bad sign. It really helped to put me in touch with the story for it to align seasonally.

One thought on “#505 – almost practically annoyed

  1. Jane combines the stylishness of America Jones with utter friendliness and devotion to a cause (er, secret society) and I love her. Especially that expression in the 7th panel – WHAT PASSION. ;D

    I have gotten really into comics on the Webtoon app over the past few months, and can't help but think how cool it would be if Octopus Pie were on there, getting a whole new audience. I realize it'd be a pain reformatting the panels for mobile, but in my mind's eye it would be so cool. I love your art so much!! 🙂

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