#500 – dumb as hell

This is a very sitcommy mini-episode. Eve and Will were in this stasis at the time of perpetual attraction and antagonism, a state that can't be maintained in the real world - only in an ever-repeating simulation. Disseminating the meaning of Christmas is an inherent trait of sitcoms to me, also an ever-repeating simulation of reality, so the two things seemed to fit. Eve and Will in love but not together, kept apart by their material concerns and personal miseries, in a delicate snow globe. This was comic #500!

One thought on “#500 – dumb as hell

  1. "What a fragile time of year. One false move and Christmas falls into a quivering heap."

    What a perfect summation–I love it more than I can say. And it might be the line from OP that I like to quote most in casual conversation, tied with "The Wisdom Bitch is sagacious as fuck".

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