#493 – you should call him

Again I went digital out of necessity - stitching inked pages together while I was deep in freelance and/or moving just wasn't viable. Anyway, this page draws a line that can never be uncrossed. Gwen here is advocating for Eve to keep Park in her life, and this impulse never really leaves her for most of the series. I'm realizing it was a pretty consistent theme for characters to share dreams and little bits of subconscious, Marek & Hanna's amalgamated future of children and duck farms being an example. Eve's assumption that Marigold's life will change isn't wrong, the corporate life being an invisible, if necessary part of the future she wants.

6 thoughts on “#493 – you should call him

  1. This is the first page of Octopie I ever read and man what a high note to start on. Beautiful work.

  2. One thing I've always loved about OP was the dream scenes, you capture that sometimes vague, sometimes focused, abstract yet urgent stress about them, particularly the one where Eve is at party she forgot she planned, and everyone is unhappy with her.

    "You won't have time to figure this out in the morning"

    Great stuff.

  3. It never occurred to me those were Hanna and Marek's hypothetical children! I always thought it was the two of them as kids, but the girl looks nothing like pre-school Hanna like we saw in the first arc, it's so obvious now. Damn.

    1. I never connected that, either! Don't feel ashamed. I am enjoying the reread more than I even did the original run in large part due to Meredith's insights.

    2. Yeah, the dream was formed from her interactions with her friends earlier that day. Marek talked about his future kids and Mar, about her career change.

  4. on my second readthrough and, after octopus pie eternal, it feels a bit haunting that the hypothetical hanna/marek kids appear to be twins. not sure if that was intentional or not, but wow!

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