#491 – ominous bass

The time in my life where I'd go to a party like this is long gone, and I still long for spontaneous, limited bursts of this. If I really think back it was always a big to-do, you were sifting through a lot of obnoxious people, drinking to the point of sickness, etc. If deep in my soul I still wanted this, I would still find a way.

3 thoughts on “#491 – ominous bass

  1. (Royal 'you' in all of this)

    It's all about the hookups (or the hope of hooking up), or just getting @#$faced. So in the first case if you're not there to hookup there are a lot more pleasant ways to spend your time where you can drink without destroying your hearing and have fun with your friends because they can actually hear you and vice versa.

    For the second, if you haven't learned by the time you're 30 that drinking till you puke isn't the way do it, well you might not feel bad about desperately hitting on people half your age and might still actually enjoy these. Grandpa.

    Counterpoint: BMCH BMCH BMCH BMCH

    1. I remember going to a party once with mostly friends-of-friends, and when I decided to leave early (Just after midnight) this one guy was genuinely confused. It wasn't his party or his house, and he didn't know me, but he was actually upset that I wasn't desperately trying to get laid.

      Is that why I never enjoyed parties? I wasn't horny enough?

  2. Somebody is getting a bit handsy next to Puget Sean.

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