#465 – yo intern

This page was supposed to be preceded by this one, which never made it past the pencil stage. It shows Eve shaving Olly's back, which is still a fully canon image for me.

4 thoughts on “#465 – yo intern

  1. It's so cool to see a "lost" strip! I hope you post more if there are any. Or even just rough versions of existing ones, the rough line is so great.

    1. I tried changing the URL to http://www.octopuspie.com/goodies/secretpage2.PNG but either there are no more secret pages, or Meredith is cleverer than that 😉

  2. I think Eve smiling while she has a phone conversation with her mother is a bigger deal than her shaving Olly's back, honestly. 🙂

  3. The central image of Eve would be outstanding as a giant balloon for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Hail the produce proletariat! Eat your pea wiggles!

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