#463 – you’re so smart

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  1. Seeing the comparison to the strips from a few years ago is amazing. I love the development.

  2. Now she seems really, really pregnant!

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. The father is probably one of her cameras.

  3. Wow, looking back at those old pages it’s incredible how much your art has improved over time. I can’t even imagine the quality of work you’ll be putting out after another year or two.

  4. What's in a name?

    *gasp!* JANE!!! <3

  5. Man, I remember Julie curing the bird a long time ago, but I always assumed she was a college student. She must be pretty smart!

  6. Nice to see Jane and Julie are still buddies, they do have good chemistry.

    I remember Louise…Wow, it feels awkward that her name is so similar to mine. But I guess that happens to anyone. Also, Is she pregnant? 'Cause that looks like a quite bit of belly she's got going.

  7. I missed Louise, if only for the vagina jokes.

  8. oh! and look she's preggars…

  9. Julie in the 4th panel gave me the lulz. Great face!

    1. That's the intern "must obey master" face. Much like a zombie, kind of like a deer.

      1. Hmm do you mean Louise's face? Because that certainly is the mindless drone face, also wonderfully depicted.

  10. is her pregnant?
    her belly looks bigger

    1. She's pregnant so that we can distinguish her from Julie.

  11. Best character reintroduction ever. Now we just need to see what America Jones is up to. Or that short guy that used to hang out with Hannah's stoner friends and lacked pupils. Or Victor.

    I miss Victor so much. I like to think the three of them opened up a Kosher Deli/1980s Dance Instruction Studio, and all their patrons are off-screen Octopus Pie characters.

    1. I will love to see America Jones again…

  12. I am SO glad to see Jane!!!!!!

  13. Other things people who aspire to veterinary medicine can do that counts as "working with animals:"
    -Slaughterhouse worker
    -Stable cleaner
    -Public sanitation employee
    -Sushi chef

    1. Don't forget:

      – roadkill collector
      – circus employee
      – taxidermist
      – daycare teacher

      The classics, of course.

    2. Ha ha, I totally had an "internship" as a stable cleaner one summer…

  14. is Louise pregnant?

  15. is… is she pregnant?

  16. last panel = word.


    1. Oh, and Panty girl! I got more familiar with that character (and old lady) in the book : P

  18. And Animal Control, also. A friend of mine does that for the city, a pretty crazy job.

  19. So Louise, when are you due? 😉

  20. Is Louise… With child? :O

  21. Is Louise pregnant? 😮

  22. Only Julie would view meat unpacking as a logical step in becoming a veterinarian.

  23. panel 4.. best panel. Or frame, the thing with the pictures in it

  24. Lots of jabs at dialogue cliches in this arc.

  25. So glad to see Jane back! ^^ Thanky, Ms Gran!

  26. looking back at your older comics, Eve has gotten cuter.

  27. "As if being famous pays the bills," said the intern.

  28. Oh gosh, does this mean Jack might be back in the picture soon, as well?
    I mean, he was a butt… but he was a cute butt.

    1. Well that will confuse more the love life of Eve, since Will is available again. Plus, I think she will act with some pride at the begining if Jack try to go back to her.

      I wonder if Jane is mad at Eve or something, after what happened in the resort. She didn't seem that happy with the explanation of Eve.

      1. I don't know. I got more of the sense more that she wasn't happy with everyone confronting Eve over her lapsed membership. "Tell Eve I'm sorry for what happened. God damn if the people I love don't embarrass me sometimes."

  29. jaaaaaane

    Also, is Louise pregnant? But… that's entirely possible! http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-07-20/octopus-pie-

  30. Louise does seem pregnant. Now I wonder if the alt-text is a reference to that.

    1. So Louise's "petard" in this case would be her vagina?

  31. "You're smart too, you idiot!"
    Best line ever!

    1. I can't help but be reminded of a scene from the Futurama episode "Bender Gets Made."

      Joey Mousepad: They're coming straight toward our proximity. Maybe you should give 'em the clamps, Clamps.

      Clamps: Gee, you think? You think that maybe I should use these clamps that I use every day at every opportunity? You're a freaking genius, you idiot!

  32. Won't lie: I would be very uncomfortable about drinking anything that came from a juicer that requires regular plunging.

    Hm, I see Louise is no longer wearing the tiny black cross around her neck. Likely unrelated to her being in the family way, of course. At least she still favours those off-the-shoulder dresses.

    Hey look, it's Sunglasses McWhatshisface.

    1. Where do you think the non-juice goes? Whisked away by faeries?

  33. Jane is the only one who truly understands Julie. It so good to see her again.

  34. I LOVE JANE. <3 I felt my heart skip a beat!

  35. I wonder if she took a picture of her crotch during the act. oh course there will be a video of the birth, to go with the collection.

  36. Does Louised appeared before in the comics? I can't really remember her, except for that short comic someone linked here…

    1. Reread "Grocery Misconduct" and "Our Brooklynian Life".

      Also, to whomever downvoted Sr Churros cause he couldn't remember Louise: lame.

    2. To the archives with you!! I recommend starting with the comics that Meredith linked in her blog post.

    3. there are two previous appearances (the first of which seems to be her introduction to the comic) of Louise linked in the description.

  37. Hm, there was a reference to a juicer in the comic where Louise first appeared, and there is one in this comic. Hmmmm.

  38. JANE! I thought we'd lost you!
    Also, Meredith, as a very pregnant woman myself, it's nice to see our often under represented minority group in your comic ;D

  39. “…I get to work with animals.”
    XD I was in a library when I read this, but this *such* made me want to LOL.

  40. A "candid vaginal self portratist" needs to sell why isn't she? I would expect many men and a few women might like it. I find the vaginal shape quite pleasing to the eye.

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