#459 – a lifetime of regret

This is definitely a story inspired by the trend pieces of the times on the value of part-time and internship work. But I think it still resonates. It's pretty well understood in 2019 that an unpaid internship isn't a sure thing pathway to a better job. In 2019 I think a lot of the facade of Eve's beloved "amenities" has crumbled as well.

3 thoughts on “#459 – a lifetime of regret

  1. Wow! What a coincidence that this posts the same day I get fired from my job. 🙁

    1. 🙁
      let me know if you want some swears

  2. Hey, isn't the guy at the checkout counter in panel 2 the same guy that made Eve go to sexual harassment training that one time?

    And yet, she's still checking him out. I guess she didn't learn anything.

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