#453 – i’m glad you try

That's the end of this story! I'm so glad because it's totally springtime. Next week I'm going to be hard at work putting the next book together, but check back for regular updates - there'll be something nice! Have a good weekend, and see some of you at Fireside Follies!

79 thoughts on “#453 – i’m glad you try

  1. Heh.. Jacob's eyes. So full of hope and wonder!

  2. First!

    Awww this was a great storyline. Too bad about Jack, but maybe he'll get better? 🙁 poor eve.
    …. is that an overturned car there?

    1. Go back to the beginning of the story arc, it overturned on arrival 🙂

  3. ohp, nvm I just saw the first one again.
    hahaha how are they planning on leaving? lol

    1. Just read the alt text mate! ; )

  4. So that means no more lumberjack sex, huh? 🙁

    1. Even though I loved the idea of lumberJack and Eve I think she's now even more awesome than before.

      1. yes! plus, the bitter conclusion is eve's forte!

  5. The Apollonian Gaskets that are Jacob's eyes. Oh dear.

  6. I think I'm going to miss Jane most of all.

    1. You and me both!

  7. in the future could you bring Jane back and she…uh…digs guys? i'll sleep better knowing i still have a shot if i ever become illustrated.

    1. I feel like the -15 on the like/dislike counter signifies a heavy female presence in the Octo-pie fan base? That's harsh! If half the women on here can pine over that asshole lumber-jack (who lives in the city?) what's wrong with a little Jane-pining?

      1. I think the -20 (as of this writing) was only because there was no way of saying what you said and it not sounding creepy.

        Sorry, bro.

      2. Whoops… What Leo said, I mean. Didn't notice you were different people.

      3. It's because I'm REAL and nobody would like me the way I am NOWWWWWW!!!!


      4. I think, after a certain number of thumbs down, people don't even really form their own opinions. They just see all the negative votes and, no matter what they read, they think it's a bad comment. Psychology!

        1. I think it was disliked so strongly because it would be changing Jane's character.

    2. damn, i didn't mean to be creepy, i'm simply infatuated, and i can control the pulls of my hearts about as much as i can the stars in the sky.

  8. nooooooo I was so digging Jack! Maybe she'll forgive him…… -sigh-

  9. I'm confused… what exactly was Eve in trouble for? Leaving the guild without saying anything?

  10. I absolutely love that they just left the car upside-down for the entire vacation.

  11. Blip: pretty much, yeah. When you're in a group that considers itself a Secret Order of Utmost Import, you're not supposed to just disappear without saying a word. I suppose the assumption would be that you have betrayed them.

  12. uh…I think maybe Jane made me like girls now?

    1. Awesome?

    2. A fictional character made you like girls… such is the power of the mighty Octopus Pie! ^^

  13. I'll miss Jane, maybe we'll see her again…Wishful thinking, I know.
    On a side note: Jack's a prick!
    Nice arc here, nice to see Olly actually treating his employees like people for once…but next week's gonna be hell :D.

  14. Aww, Olly finally got in on the fun! He hasn't been much of a dick lately (I'm sure he'll make up for that) but I identify with his apologetic-ness during the trip and I'm happy he got to make a snowbro

  15. Why do I suspect this won't be the last we'll ever see of Jane, Jack and the Baristas? I certainly hope not anyway.

  16. At least Eve got laid. Hopefully that'll loosen her up some.

    Olly's the best. And I'm loving Jacob's four year old eyes in panel nine. About time Jacob lost his cool.

    I am going to miss Jane though. Not Jack. There ain't room enough for two beards in this comic.

    1. I concur! Meredith Gran, if you're reading this -bring us more Jane, please!!! *puppy eyes*

  17. I love continuity. I'm very glad the car is still flipped over. 😀

  18. If I ever need a storyline to introduce someone to OP, I will send them this link and caption it "THIS – JUST SO MUCH THIS".
    It's subtle, because you started out strong – but I can see how you're taking significant chances and staying true, while continuing to develop your craft.
    And while I don't mean your coffee craft – well, I wouldn't rule it out.
    What are the chances an artist doesn't like a little nicely delivered caffeine?

    Will be buying extra copies of your books (as gifts) at the TCAF – it would be a nice bonus if there would be a way to have them signed (with Manuels or something small) for the recipients. Come to think of it, I should email this, shouldn't I?


  19. I can live with Jack not being around, though it would be nice to see him back. The one I'll really miss is Jane. Julie needs to get her ass over Jacob and move on to sexier things!

    1. I'm not really attached to Jack myself, either. Jane is awesome, though. I feel like Jack might have just had an appearance to help our protagonist grow a litle.

  20. Jack reminds me of my ex. Both hipster pricks with beards. And for some reason, both irresistible to me… sigh.

  21. Any chance of Jack and Jane in THE FUTURE?

    1. That'd be awesome. Jet packs, hover boards, flying cars, annoying talking robot dogs, the works!


  22. Loved this one. Good way to wrap everything up although I don’t know how they are going to drive that car. Regarding previous comic, I think if a group of secret elitist coffee ninja’s or whatever they are converged on me in a mountain demanding answers I don’t think I would take it as well as Eve did. Man I love that girl.

  23. I know shippers can be annoying, but here's hoping for….Jalie?

    Shipper names are weird.

    1. "June" would work well for that one.

    2. Oh, OR …June?? (Although I am in general agreement about shipping)
      I love the potential for an entire Belle & Sebastian themed sub-genre in comics. ^_^

  24. i know they're in snow and all, but this ending made me warm. [more words of encouragement go here]

  25. Winter wrap up winter wrap up! Because the spring is here!

    So close to being an adorable couple. I'm gonna hold a grudge against jacob forever now. I'm not even gonna capitalize his name. DISRESPECT.

    Anydangway, fantastic storyline, congrats and thank you. Can't wait for the next one!

  27. It looks like this trip has made the team bond a little (bit more). Feel-good ending of this story. 🙂

  28. Jane, I'm posting this on behalf of Julie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tedB7xZB2M

  29. I like the comic but I'm really disappointed by the google product placement. Octopus Pie is selling out, it's just one big advert these days.

    1. Heh, typical Jack. <_<

    2. What? That's just how people talk these days

    3. Oh, right, because if you want to live off your art you're a sell-out, thus no worth reading anymore. IT'S TOO MAINSTREAM. Heh.

      1. If you ask me, Meredith hasn't whored Octopus Pie nearly enough. Not until every comic has a 30 second ad for Dead Space 2.

    4. I see what you did there, Jack.

    5. Just mentioning a name isn't product placement, and I sincerely doubt she got paid to do so. In addition, in 2006 Merriam-Webster included "google" as a verb in their collegiate dictionary. The term has transcended from a mere company name to a common part of everyday life. You can read about it here. http://news.cnet.com/2100-1025_3-6091289.html

    6. It would seem that some others did not see what Jack did there.

  30. I knew that Jane's face in the previous page was her being ashamed of her fellow guilders. Damn! I'd have loved to see her and Julie as an item, if only because that would've made her a regular character!! >_<

    Oh well, at least she got a goodbye hug.

    1. Hey there's always facebook. We see OP characters login from time to time.

    2. don't give up so easily – join the 'bring back jane' campaign!

  31. That car's just being stubborn. Yell at it enough, and I'm sure it'll flip itself over in no time.

  32. Hm, never really liked Jack. Nice storyline though, too bad Jane is leaving ( maybe we will have some more of her soon?).
    And I love jacob's face (good idea, Bruce guy).

  33. This was the first storyline I got to read through from the beginning as it rolled out. I am SUCH a new convert. Meredith, yours is truly an extraordinary talent. I am utterly smitten with your strip, your characters, and most of all Eve. I’ve read a shit-ton of comics over the years, but never anything so darling, dear, and fun.

  34. Out of general curiosity, do any of our comments have an effect on how the stories do turn out?

    1. No, not usually. I write most stories out completely in advance. Once in a while I'll try to throw commenters for a loop, though. 😉

      1. ^ ^ proof that she read the comments. neat!

        1. What's in a name?

          Who do you think approves them? 🙂

  35. plleeeeeeasee Julie + Jane

    1. What's in a name?

      Shhh, if we beg too much, she might not do it just to spite us! 😛

  36. One for the 'shippers! Just for the heck of it ^^

    1. That is neat, and I like it very much!

      1. My pleasure ^^

  37. What story arcs are going to be in the next book, Mer?

  38. Am I missing something? I haven't seen a new comic in a while. I'm not ranting about HURRY UP HURRY UP! I'm just checking to see if i'm missing something. Unless Meredith is busy or something.

    1. yes, I've been busy working on the next book. new comics soon!

      1. Oh, alright. Take your time,

  39. Everything ok over there? Great comic! But it's been a week since.

  40. Is Ms. Gran still alive? Can I haz Octopus Pie?

  41. Not sure if this has already been mentioned – I didn’t want to read through all the comments: In panels 3 & 4, Jane’s bag suddenly becomes colored in? It’s not colored in any of the other panels. Granted, it’s a bit of a confusing perspective, especially in panel 3 (I first thought: has the left side of Jane’s outfit suddenly become dark?), so maybe coloring the bag helps us make sense of panels 3 & 4, and all of the objects therein.
    Also re panels 3 & 4: I love the subtext here 🙂 When people of whatever gender don’t manage to woo me – nonetheless, I usually feel touched and grateful that they tried.

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