#448 – saying what you mean

Double comic page! Hope you like makeouts. There's still a bit left to this story, but we're approaching a conclusion. Dang, dang!

135 thoughts on “#448 – saying what you mean

  1. I was re-reading this arc and suddenly there was a new comic! You, Ms. Gran, are a comic-making machine. Hooray for makeouts!

  2. As much as I do enjoy this, somewhere deep down I can't help but wish he was Will instead. Damn me!

    1. Trust me; you're not the only one thinking this!

    2. Pfff, she’s forgotten all about Will. Didn’t you read the cookie story?

  3. Well, I saw this coming.. Good for her.

    1. You and the rest of the readership. C'mon.

      1. Don't be so full of hate, kiddo.

        1. T'was a joke, kiddo.

  4. This episode is very authentic to me, especially Eve's line in panel 11. I also like the following panel with Eve doing a little footsie!

  5. eeeee! I love these two!

  6. Yaaaay, I was waiting for this to happen. <3

    1. You and the rest of the readership. C'mon. See what I did there? What a jerk.

      1. Don't be so full of hate, kiddo.

        1. Aves Project Ideas


      2. I hate it when people say "saw this coming" in a comic, like the author shouldn't have been so predictable. You honestly think no one else did as well? It just means good writing.

        What I said wasn't mean at all, it was more in jest. Pull that stick outta your bum, bub.

      3. I wasn't trying to be a jerk with my comment. I was just pointing out that most of us had seen it coming… come on.

        And now my posts are being not posted, hooray. :/

        1. Comments are approved manually, whenever I'm awake. don't sweat it!

        2. Sorry for being a spaz, Meridith. I thought that since I had caused some "drama" in the comments, that mine were now being moderated. D:

  7. This is SO PERFECT. In EVERY WAY.

  8. You know, I thought I'd hate anyone who Eve away from Will.

    But I like this guy. Hope this works out. Will will find someone else!

  9. AH! I'm so excited that she likes him and he likes her and they're making out! I love big, grizzly guys 😀

  10. Action Shakespeare

    You and the rest of the readership. Wait, shit, too early.

  11. Oh my GOD! That was JUST like me and my last girlfriend! And just when I thought this strip couldn't get any better, or any truer to life. Now I'm staring at the screen with my mouth like this 80

    Meredith Gran, thank you for making my day. One more time ^^

    1. It's just like me and my current girlfriend! True, indeed.

  12. Ning seeks nerve in the form of thick-eyebrowed chappies. More at Wednesday.

  13. Good for Eve. Its a shame this won't work out. He seems like a real nice guy.

  14. He's like a giant teddy bear! So much more likeable than Park!

    1. Awww… I liked Park! Will was a bit of a non-entity for me (Sorry! Just didn't find his character interesting! ) but this guy seems really cool! Very real! And anyone spending a weekend snowed in at a mountain lodge should have a fling with a bearded outdoorsman 🙂

      Eve's lack of feet is freaking me out a little. Did her lust for this manly man cause her lower limbs to partially evaporate?

      1. Haha so you too? I can't help but feel she has tentacles 🙁 But I love it!

    2. But Park has a career and is going places!

  15. Also: with that cap Jack is wearing, don't they look a bit like grown-up versions of Heidi and Peter? XD Or is it just me?

    1. I'm seeing Snow White and one of the Seven Dwarves…

      Aw crap.

  16. There's something so satisfying about romantically entangled Eve, even its just temporarily romantophysically (I'm copyrighting) entangled. I guess I just like seeing well meaning people catch a break:-)

  17. Daww I love scruffy bear dudes – I approve.

  18. beautiful composition.. love the black background of the last panel defining the … night, shall we say? 🙂

    1. or the eve-ning XD

  19. Ugly Jack is a manly man. THE MANLIEST MAN TO EVER GRACE OCTOPUS PIE. And he's got a bitchin' cool beard to boot. Now Marik isn't the only guy with a bitchin' cool beard around here.


      Aren't you forgetting someone?

    2. No the MANLIEST MAN EVAR was Victor. Victor was the FUKKEN SHIT 8D

    3. What about Vic– oh, they beat me to it.

    4. Oooooh! Right… Now I feel dumb. But too bad Victor's never around anymore :/

  20. No! No hairy lover for Eve! Only Hanna can have that!

    I'm just kidding. This is cute. Yay for Eve.

  21. Heehee, she's doing that thing I do too when I'm nervous and can't stop touching my hairline. Nice detail.

    Also the last three panels are sexy, sexy and sexy.

    1. Wait noooo, I just realized this means he'll see her tattoo, and bad things will happen!


      1. where is the tattoo?

        1. According to Jacob, it's in an inconspicuous but visible location, so he should have already been able to see it. I think Jane's is on the back of her neck, and Eve's is on her ankle, so he should've seen it already. Maybe he isn't looking there. (we can see Jack's tattoo on his right forearm. One of the best things about this series of strips is trying to find the Taz Tats in every strip.

  22. I dunno this really bothers me. I don't feel like the romance has developed or the characters have really built up this sort of thing. It seems like a trist of sorts you know? I don't feel like I know their motives very well, or that I know the character of Jack. At least with Will it's developed even if he's not the best guy, at least I know who he is. Jack could be a crazy psycho path or just dump Eve after this whole trip thing. Maybe I'm just being a crazy person, but that's my say on it. I dun't think it'll last honestly, and I have no qualms with that since I don't like it one bit.

    Honest opinion, not gonna lie, yank chains, or bull anyone here.

    1. It's definitely sudden, but I dunno, it kinda works for me. They're in the middle of nowhere surrounded by new people, it's been a while since Eve's gotten any love, both of them have probably been at least moderately intoxicated for most of this arc, and Eve's trying to let go of her insecurities.

      I have doubts it'll last, too, but I think it makes sense.

    2. Haven't you seen any '80s movies? Ski resorts are THE place for crazy out-of-nowhere trysts, along with summer camp, golf courses, and detention.

    3. I don't think it's really a "romance". They just like each other, and have been spending time together. It's not like they're betrothed.

  23. You are in luck, Ms. Gran – I love makeouts. Also, up to now, I've seen a disturbing amount of myself in this guy, so… here's hoping :p

  24. oh this pleases me! i like him.
    i'm sad they probably won't work out

  25. I miss Park, but I'm okay with this. Jack is too awesome for me to dislike.

  26. Say WHAAAAAAAAAAT? $5 says Jack spots Eve's secret tat while they do it. GAWD, i LOVE this comic! : D

  27. Eww. Beard cooties.

  28. This comic is amazing…I could discuss the things I like about it for hours, days or any other hyperbolic expression of time. Mizz Gran, however you do what you do, keep doin' whatchyer doin' 'cuz it's working fer me! 🙂

  29. More Jane/Julie now please. :3

  30. This is sweet and gentle and a little maudlin and the sexiest goddamn comic I have seen in ages. Meredith, seems to me that you're building one of the best comics in the world. Quite literally.

  31. she likes a hefty white guy with a beard and a slouchy beanie. brb, being judgemental.

  32. Ugh, FINALLY.

    Oh shit, oh no, when did I become a shipper, oh god, what DO I DO WITH THESE CRAZED FEELING OF PURE ELATION?

  33. Eve's tentacle legs continue to scare me…

    1. Oh MAN, your comment put me in gigglefits. Then I had to go back and look at her legs and had more giggle fits!

  34. Oh snaaaaaaaaaappppp

  35. Cue Makeoutis Interruptus!

  36. I like him. I like this. I LIKE EVERYTHING. Thank you, Meredith. 🙂

  37. Huzzah! I was hoping something like this would happen. A pretty good start to my morning 🙂

  38. YESS!
    I was reading this comic with all this horrible anticipation thinking 'here we go, Eve chickens out, more regrets later'
    but then it didn't happen
    and now I am happy.

  39. I can't help but feel he's been putting up a font and lying his way into her pants.

    1. well, as long as it's not Papyrus or Comic Sans, I don't see what the problem is.

      I mean, ideally he's a Georgia or Veranda guy, but guys with less sexy fonts can still have a lot of good qualities.

      The only true dealbreaker is if he claims that he "was into Calibri, before it got all popular."

  40. The rollover text reminded me of a bluegrass song chorus;

    All of the good ones are taken,
    there's nobody left for me.
    My poor heart is breakin',
    it's no longer fun to be free.
    There used to be hearts for the takin'
    when the moon was shining bright –
    now all of the good ones are taken,
    and there's no one to take home tonight!

  41. Good for you, Eve, carpe diem. Or in this case, carpe futuere.

  42. It's too bad that when she gets naked, he's going to notice her lack of a tattoo, or perhaps it being covered up. And then he'll stop, because *we should all remember the Golden Rule*: Eve was never meant to be happy. >:C

  43. I love how spot on you got the awkwardness of these sorts of conversations. If I wore a hat, it would be off for you.

  44. I had a feeling something was building up between those two. Looks like Eve's finally moving on 🙂

  45. Loving this subplot. Loving it!

  46. It's not going to last once he finds out about her past concerning the Guild….doom doom doom.

    1. yes, but what IS that past?


  48. Is he going to discover her secret Taz tattoo, or whatever the Guild secret symbol is?? Do we get to find out where it is?

    1. Well, as the great playwright Anton Chekov said, "If you put a girl who left a secret organization under mysterious circumstances on the mantle in act one, the mysterious circumstances must be revealed in act three. Also, the girl should probably get off the mantle at some point, because those things are only about three inches deep, and it's hard for the actors to stay balanced up there for a long time."

  49. I do indeed love to see happy Eve. What a nice strip this was.

  50. This should be interesting. 😀


    I hope this works out well for Eve, the girl deserves a little honest to goodness romance and affection. Plus, Jack is just darhling for being a manly man. <3


  53. this is the happiest way to start the day! yay eve! YAY! (and yes to footsie)

  54. Go Eve! Get some!

  55. Whoa this was a Cutie and The Beast story? I should probably go back and read the word bubbles instead of just looking at the art.

    1. i hold that jack is a QT but this made me laugh out loud

  56. DAYUM
    I thought I'd hate anyone but Will with Eve, but this guy is adorable.

    1. Yeah i know, same here ^^ i was totally rooting for Will but i like Jack

  57. I don't know whether to feel happy for Eve or be worried about what she'll do when Will finds out.

  58. I'm really still sort of holding out for Will and Eve, but… I do like this guy! And I think the chemistry between them has been built up pretty well. Awesome comic as always. <3

  59. How fortunate! I am, in fact, a fan of makeouts.

  60. I do, I do love makeouts! Only marginally more than I love this comic!

  61. *reads comic where characters have awesome lives*

    *sleeps the rest of the day*

  62. Aaaand now I'm jealous of a cartoon character's love life. Does that make me a bad and/or pathetic person?

    …No, wait, don't answer that.

  63. Possibly your best yet! Your comic is one of my favorites because of your ability to tell great stories with real characters, and that shines through here.

  64. Yay! I like this burly fellow!

  65. Those last three panels move so beautifully…. Motionless animation. Nice buildup of tension and release. Hope springs eternal.

  66. This just saved my day. So much glee in seeing this. So. Much. It's brought me so much joy that I might try to adopt this whole strip as a new credo, (interrupting make-out sessions (hopefully) included). Seriously.

  67. I was so hoping for this to happen, but I am sooo sure Eve's barista-past will shit it.

  68. I am really loving this arc. Great writing. And wonderful art!

  69. Can I just add how goddman pleasant this story has been with these two? I'm sure it'll go wrong but the current pleasantness will be seeping through my brain for weeks to come and whenever I re-read it.

  70. WooooOoOOoOo! <3

  71. I find it odd that I seem to be the only one who wasn't rooting for Will. I didn't like Park either. This guy? I love him. He's actually a nice guy and just feels a little more grounded than the other male characters, and I really hope that this relationship works out, or in the very least that he becomes a recurring character.
    Besides that, I find it surprising that nobody's commented on what Eve is saying here, because that message is a pretty good one- there's more in this page than makeouts. I love how she mentions something I've thought myself before, that the people who we imagine at a distance to be a certain way might very well be the other way, and our imaginations may just be trying to make us feel better about ourselves with outlandish comparisons.

    1. Agreed. Very well-stated. Now that it's pointed out, I've made observations like those for the longest time, but I've never actually articulated them into one cohesive thought.

      But as someone who has been on both sides of this–mostly because I have a naturally scowly face, which is not very approachable–I must say that it is one of the best things ever to have a conversation with someone you formerly had made up your mind about before getting to know them.

      I seriously hope there is more to Eve and Jack than just this one epiphany and inebriation. I kinda like the way they both work together.

    2. You are certainly not the only one who didn't root for Will. I think some folks _have_ commented on the home truths* in Eve's buildup – which itself earned her the moment on actual truth. She has emotions and despite bad habits, aversive training – she's attaining a better relationship with them.

      *And it's DAMN fine advice for loads of real world people.

    3. Agreed on all counts.

      I feel like I have this conversation all the time, but usually not with the people I want to have it with..

  72. I love the way Jack's hair forms a solid mass around his ear; it's a good look for him. I wish mine did that.

  73. Yeah, I agree. Within my very small city in South Australia, I'm a fairly active and well-connected arty-musicky-hipster-type (and comfortable with admitting it), yet I still always assume that if I see someone around a lot but they don't say hi (or whatever) it's because they think they're 'better', or too cool for me. When in fact I'm probably kind of intimidating, myself. Friends have pointed this out, but it never occurs to me in the moment that I feel shunned or 'left out'. Everybody thinks of themselves as the underdog, and 'the other guys' as the rude or snooty ones. Eve's reflection on that sort of 'cool wars' mentality is just-as-if-not-more interesting than the makeouts (though of course, finally seeing makeouts satisfies our comic fan monkey-brains like nothing else!)

  74. Will Jacob find love at Makeout Island…I mean the syrup factory?
    Mary Jo: odds 60:1
    Jonathan David: odds 20:1


    1. HAW HAW HAW HAW! Now I can't wait for the next strip. Oh God, what if he DOES wear suspenders and a bra???

  76. Beards. They are the manliest of hairy beavers that can attach themselves to the chins.
    But I have a strange feeling that kissing one is not the most comfortable of experiences, if the beard is a prickly one. Fingers crossed Eve doesn't get beard face from enthusiastic make-outs with said beard.
    In other news, fweee ^^

  77. I hadn't kept up for the last few weeks, so when I saw this page I was like, "Holy shit is Ning makin' out with Marek?"

    Then I was like, "Wait no, I can see his eyes. That's not Marek at all."

    It was 30 seconds of complete panic.

  78. [sigh…] awesome.

  79. Kind of scared Eve's going to trust him enough to tell him about her time in the coffee cult and then bad shit goes down.

    1. The worst part of this conversation is that they both think taking one's courage from a coffee cult is a good thing. It's obviously not. It either hampers self-development or it's a rickety crutch that will break and leave you with nothing (which is what I'm hoping will happen here so at least Jack has a chance at self-assurance and self-empowerment).

  80. Read this back when the comments were only on page two and now I finally have something to say, heh.

    As a fan, I want to see Eve happily lovey dovey. As a writer, I want to see her suffer heart-break and grow even more as a character. Thus is the plight of plot.

  81. Get out of my head, Mer.

  82. i just yay'd out loud 🙂

  83. Loved the last panel!

  84. This is the first OP comic I read, then I went back and started from the beginning.

    So, thanks to beard confusion, I spent the entire archive thinking that eventually Eve was going to end up with Marek.

    1. hahahaha. sorry <:)

  85. Just to dispel a myth… beard-kisses are NOT uncomfortable. Prickly in a nice way, like being tickled. For those concerned about Eve's pash-rash.

  86. I really like way Eve and her lover man's eyelids are positioned in opposition to one another. Notice that in the last two panels, one is up while the other is down. Kind of like a yin yang thing; a beautiful touch!

  87. Ahh, Eve and Grizzly Adams…actually he kinda reminds me of Paul Bunyan for some reason, lol. Another relationship down the drain. Or I guess it would be a fling.

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