#447 – used to being used

Have a good weekend! I've been sniffly all week. I think I'm gonna get under a blanket now.

64 thoughts on “#447 – used to being used

  1. heh. Eve's drunk dancing.

    She's looking the most sober she's been since alcohol was introduced into this story arc, tho.

  2. I want to give Julie a hug and Jacob a wedgie.

  3. Julie! 🙁
    To be honest I am pretty relieved that Jacob didn't want to take Eve's advice, I don't think I could handle a Jacob/Julie thing now that Jane's in the picture!

  4. Oh muh gawdz! Love the way Ning looks in the first panel 😀

    1. Haha yeah. That's some whacky dance she's got going on.

    2. If I'm not mistaken, that looks like The Elaine.

      1. Hahaha, that would be FANTASTIC.

      2. HAHA I saw it too, i'm glad somebody else called it! The thumb is what really gives it away. I will be surprised if we're wrong about that.

    3. yeah, that's pretty much the best expression in the history of comics right there.

  5. Eve Ning: all about the charity work.

  6. Haha, I think I like Jacob a little bit more now.

    1. yea, before he just seemed like a douche

      it's refreshing to see this bit of depth in his character

      1. Nah, he's still a douche. But he *owns* it.

      2. He's a lot more like Julie than I had given him credit for. But he's got just a few degrees of perspective. They're both holding out for who they want.

  7. Does anyone else wish Octopus Pie was in color?

    1. No, not really, especially if that would affect how often she updated… which it would.

    2. Hecks no. The comic looks amazing, and color just clutters things up.

    3. No thanks, black and white is clean and clear.

    4. Yes, for what it's worth, but I also love it as is.

    5. The clear answer to this issue is printing out favorite pages and busting out the Crayola. COLORING BOOK TIIIIIIIIIIIIME

    6. sorta, but I definitely prefer the quick updates

  8. The best Eve face.

  9. Panel one is Eve's sober face. All this time she's been mildly buzzed.

  10. Is she doing her "fukken shit" face?

  11. Oh Julie, welcome to the friend zone, or something like it. "Lay it on the line, take the hit, and move on" isn't even easy to say.

  12. Jacob is so not worth staying straight for.

    1. ..He's not worth staying straight for, because he knows what he wants? He's doing the same thing Julie's doing to Jane. I don't think Julie is worth staying NOT straight for.

  13. And this is why Julie deserves a lot more.

  14. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  15. Sad Julie, panel 3 🙁

  16. I want to see the look on Jacob's face when he sees Julie and Jane having a hot make-out session right in front of him and the thought that if he'd paid more attention to Julie in the first place, he could have potentially scored an awesome threesome.

    1. Good thing he hasn't paid more attention to Julie, then 🙁 I don't think I'd want to see that threesome!

  17. That first panel is demented, but I guess Vermont does that to you.

  18. does anyone else hope eve and jack either become romantic or become really great friends?

    he seems a good match for eve in my opinion

    1. Nope, still holding out for Will'n'Eve right here.

    2. I'd bet for best friends, with Jack having a thing for Eve and being forever unrequited.

      1. Yup, pretty much hoping for that.

    3. I think that moment behind the cut-out killed any thoughts of romance for Jack. He seems like the kind of guy who values his dignity.

  19. i hope jack turns out to be the zig zag lumberjack and when it's time to go he magically returns to the label with a friendly wink. like mister clean.

  20. I just realized how much Jack reminds me of Wil

  21. Here you go ev'rybody: http://i54.tinypic.com/11j6q7s.gif

    And Juuuulieeeee! Aw.

  22. You know, Ms. Gran, I've been reading through the archive recently and I've enjoyed it immensely. I was disappointed, however, when I tried to click on the right side of the comic, and it did not bring me more great comics. This should be rectified as soon as possible. With love, Cat.

    1. rectifying that as frequently as possible!

    2. I just went through these exact thoughts. I kept scrolling looking for an arrow with the disappointment setting in as I realized I had caught up.

  23. Poor Eve. Self-esteem makes a social life hard. (Not sarcastic.)

  24. …ever notice how often when people 'have a lot going on' they really don't?

    …I have a lot going on… (hangs head in shame.)

  25. haha, jacob is all like "oh ning, you and your silly worldviews" in the seventh panel

  26. It's sad that people are going to think Julie is somehow more of a victim in this than Jacob is. They are basically in the same shoes; BOTH are complete suckers for unrequited love. They keep going back for it, like idiots. The only difference is that at the end of the day, Jacob won't cry over it. Does it suddenly make him a bad guy that he's not an emotional wreck?

    1. No, but Julie's emotions and feelings come a much more earnest place than Jacob's ever seem to be. And while Julie may be acting a bit illogical, Jacob is just acting idiotic.

      1. "A bit illogical"? This is the same, obsessive-for-years can't-take-a-clue Julie we're talking about, right? No, I'm sure they're both sharing equal doses of illogical and idiotic, here.

    2. You said it yourself. He doesn't suffer as much as Julie does, and that's why we feel more sorry for her.

      1. I didn't say "feel more sorry for". I said "is more of a victim than". You can feel sorry for Julie up and down, I just don't think Jacob deserves a bad rap for this while Julie gets coddled, when she is basically a female version of him in this instance.

        1. Yeah, you're quite right. It's not as if Jacob has been a jerk to Julie or anything (as far as I can remember) The reason Julie comes out as 'more of a victim' is simply because she's hurting herself more. Or maybe we should say she's hurting herself more obviously. But yeah, both are being stupid, each one in their own way.

  27. lol the Jacob wants Jane who wants Julie who wants Jacob is a triangle that I have seen in some movie in the 90's, not sure of the title. However, it involved 2 guys and 1 girl not th other way around, but the premise of the movie was similar.
    On a separate note, am I the first to notice that all of their names start on a "J", I don't know why that bothers me but it really does when trying to describe their love triangle.

    1. I had noticed the 'J' thing too. In fact, it's the only thing that makes me think this could develop as a love triangle, because so far it seems like Jane has given up on Julie (which is what I'd do if I were her)

    2. The movie you're thinking of was called "Threesome". Alas, it does not actually feature any threesomes at any point, and the only member of the love triangle whom I didn't want to beat with a shovel was the gay guy.

  28. Sounds a bit like Jacob's been listening to the Guild: "Trust is the permission you give for others to hurt you." Eek. o_O

    It's kind of a universal Sad Thing, I guess, that people deny themselves happiness because they don't believe they deserve better. And then put the Brave Face on. Whether or not he's a 'bad guy' remains to be seen! But probably not?

    Think this is one of my favourite OP arcs so far (although looking forward to the eventual return of Marek & Hana but *especially* Marek).

    1. No actual 'bad guys' in OP, if you think about it. Just people being people, and hurting themselves and each other in the process.

  29. Jacob is developing as a character.

    He will be dead by the end of the series.

    1. So it goes.

  30. Jacob honestly believes that the only people worth liking are people who do not like you, implying that people who like you aren't worth your time. Julie honestly believes in One True Love, that Jacob is perfect for her, that they are destined to be together and Fate will work it all out. Both worldviews are incredibly sad, and both worldviews cause them to hurt anyone else who falls in love with them.

    The key differences, as far as audience sympathy goes:
    Julie is obviously hurting herself as well, Jacob acts unscathed. Jacob has "chosen" this path, Julie feels to be on it no matter what. Jacob is perfectly okay with his worldview hurting others, Julie feels sorry if she sees the collateral damage.

    1. Totally with you, mate.

  31. Yay for newfound character depth for Jacob! Though it is nice to see him now as kind of an analogue for Julie, it is depressing to see that they're both allowing what's there in front of them pass them by whilst they pine away for the their elusive ideals.

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