#436 – stuck in vermont

Wow I'm so exhausted and I have nothing to say here today. Hello!

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  1. What kind of person is unfamiliar with the roadrunner? It’s an essential part of your childhood.

    1. Correction – It’s an essental part of YOUR childhood.

      Here’s a fun fact; People in college now have never not had the Internet.

      1. If by "fun" you mean "inexplicably horrifying," then I agree. That IS a fun fact.

      2. Ummm… I am in college now, and didn't have access through the internet until I was 6

      3. Wait, that's not true. I'm in college and I remember not having the Internet.

        …oh. 🙁

      4. How so? The Internet wasn't really expanded and popularized until the development of the World Wide Web, which only really started getting off the ground in 1994 or so. Meaning there should be plenty of college students out there right now who can remember not having the Internet for at least the first couple years of their lives.

        Unless of course you just want to date everything from the actual creation of the Internet, in which case everyone who's attended college within the last 20 years or so has technically "never not had the Internet".

      5. I'm an undergrad and I remember not having the internet… I certainly didn't have it at home until I was at least 12.

        1. When did tron come out?

  2. this is disturbingly similar to a facebook conversation I was having with a friend 6 hours ago

  3. Hey the title of this comic describes my life right now perfectly

  4. "Maybe you'll keep chasing the roadrunner, like it's an overextended metaphor which you already regret using. Maybe you'll buy new Acme products by using another metaphor. Maybe the metaphor is a remote control bomb that'll explode in your face. In fact that's probably exactly what I'm doing right now."

    1. "Maybe you'll paint a tunnel on a rock, and watch as someone else just travels straight through it, then run into the rock when you try it. Life's just like that."

  5. Aww, what a sad metaphor. And true!

  6. Sometimes ya just gotta steal the runabout of opportunity, because no one will ever know.

    1. somebody has to start the slow clap…

  7. Meep-meep!

  8. Or you get an anvil dropped on your head! Or your rocket explodes too early! Or…

  9. That's a pretty solid analogy, I quite like it.

  10. best. metaphor. ever.

  11. Around what area of vt is this supposed to be?

  12. Wile E. Coyote might have some tips

  13. "You can't just be in love forever!"

    Words to live by, kids.

    Words to live by.

    — MrJM

  14. "Oh no I came to the middle of nowhere and forgot all my sane outfits at home. Guess I will just have to wear this cocktail dress to breakfast!"

  15. It would be pretty funny if she just kept wearing totally inappropriate clothes everywhere she went.

    1. Oh wait… I guess that’s what all the characters do in mainstream comics and it isn’t really all that funny.

      1. Yeah, like the sweater vest and T-shirt combination on Nickelodeon’s Doug – what the hell was that all about?

        1. i like how the above comment is pretending it's not 7 years late xD

  16. Awesome metaphor, will be swiping it for future conversations … thanks for the material

  17. Oh Julie. I love Eve’s rational yet Looney Tune based advice.

    1. …and Julie just can't seem to grasp such an abstract concept.

  18. Such a sad metaphor, yet more sad cause it's so similar to something in my life in which I'd say I'm getting pretty close to starving… Luckily the road runner in my case doesn't own a truck . Given I've never thought of it quite that way, and doing so I think helps things a bit, thanks for the awesome metaphor sad as it may be =)

  19. Or you just keep trying to catch the roadrunner with items from the same terrible ACME catalog over and over, damn the failure rate.

  20. I enjoy the background of freaky bird pictures accompanying the roadrunner discussion.

  21. I feel you, Julie. Valentine's day is coming up. Time to make some bad decisions!

  22. More than the intention of the metaphor, I like that it implies that Julie wishes to eat Jacob.

  23. I love Eve's comment in the last panel, who hasn't tried to give a huge analogy and found it fell flat. I can imagine her saying it in a slightly embarrassed disappointed voice.

  24. SecretlyASuperhero

    Ok i just love the way you drew Eve throughout this whole page. And Julie's so cute but clueless!

  25. Eve looks skinnier than usual to me for some reason. Possibly because every other comic she's been in lately she's been all bundled up.

    1. I am of the opinion that it is because she has elbows now instead of rounded mid-arm nubs.

  26. Getting advice on chaseing roadrunners from Wile-eve coyote, just lay off the rocket boots

    1. That was an awful pun and I am sorry

  27. I liked to pretend Eve’s nose in the last panel was actually her mouth. Once you see it…

    1. ???

      1. Whoops, special characters fail D:

        For what it's worth, it was the disapproving face with a tiny smile. sigh

    2. Goddammit! this is just what happened with hanna and her bird face!


  28. So, Julie has deluded herself into thinking that having a crush on Jacob means they’re in a relationship.

    This makes me sad.

  29. "…there's a resort full of potentially interesting people stuck here WITH us."
    "pfft, like who? The baristas?"

    yay foreshadowing

  30. Ms Gran, did you steal the Roadrunner metaphor from the comments on the unicycle-man? :T

  31. i like the analogy. i always felt awkwardly emotional watching that roadrunner and coyote.

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