#432 – everything was a possibility

I'm not quite sure if the fake-out succeeds here, even though we alluded to a Nintendo 2 pages ago. One has to believe that Sean has a good bone in his body to make whatever Hanna's sad about right. Hanna feels a delusion here that I've since processed and feel content with - one that we all must suffer in order to make our closest, most important work. If no one else cares, the artist damn well better!

8 thoughts on “#432 – everything was a possibility

  1. The fakeout worked for me, but I'm high at the moment. Aw who am I kidding, I'm high all the time.

  2. Can we set the record straight here?

    Is it pronounced Puh-JET Sean, or Puh-GET Sean?

    My brain reads it as Puh-jet, cause it sounds like Pudgy and that just sounds funnier.

    1. I think it’s a play on Puget Sound. So like how that is pronounced more puh-jet

    2. It's PEW-jet. Puget Sound is the body of water on which Seattle sits.

    3. In my brain I’ve always pronounced it as “Pungent”

  3. The fake-out totally works.

    Was Sean's character ever meant to imbue any specific traits connected to the Pacific Northwest?

    1. When Sean was first introduced, Hanna said he'd single-handedly brought back the grunge look. http://www.octopuspie.com/2008-04-25/137-souffle/ And indeed his whole look in that strip is very Seattle/Portland.

  4. This page really fucked me up the first time I read it.

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