#431 – cat poop cookies

This gag was based on a real variety of coffee called "Kopi Luwak" that needs to first be digested by a wild catlike animal. Seems expensive - I haven't tried it!

6 thoughts on “#431 – cat poop cookies

  1. I've always thought the magic was that you had this little furry coffee berry picking machine the gets them when they're perfectly ripe.

  2. Ant coffee now. Found this in another feed. Yes, it's a coffee world.

  3. I first read this page before I knew about kopi luwak. But now that I not just know about it but it seems normal to me, this page just confused me even more.

    What, exactly, did the cat eat and poop out? Whole cookies? Nuts that were ground or placed into the cookies? In the coffee case, the beans come out relatively unharmed, just covered in their scent gland output.

  4. hanna's whole dilemma here sounds very close to what artists often experience, the annoyance when things you've worked long and hard on being overlooked in favour of something you farted out in half an hour with no heart put into it. i feel like it can't be a coincidence

  5. Joe is read by me in the voice of Hank Scorpio.

  6. that lady looks like the lady who went after hanna's boobs in the park

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