#426 – stand clear of the closing doors

I really wanted to create this ongoing love between Eve and Will that had kind of a serialized feeling to it? They love each other, and it's not that they're NOT together - the togetherness is that they're in this comic together and desire one another. To me this was a happy, comforting place for the characters to be. I was not trying to build anticipation, rather a sustained feeling of contentment. There's probably some version of OP where I would've resolved this arc sooner and it would've been fine seeing them in a relationship and working out their problems together, but... no... I didn't see it for me, or for any of you. Good day.

2 thoughts on “#426 – stand clear of the closing doors

  1. what a great arc.
    (can you let us know when you add commentary on the first bit of it? really would love your insight on the first couple of pages)

  2. I can't believe there are no comments here. Maybe everyone is speechless and I'm annoying for pointing it out. Great page and great arc.

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