#419 – microwave cooking for one

I'm BACK, dudes! Loving my new home, and things are starting to settle down. So here's a comic, and there'll be another soon.

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  1. What is Greg's skill? An aspiring manga audiobook speaker?

    1. Translation from Japanese?

    2. i'd assume his skills are reading/translating japanese to english – thus, wordless manga, which needs no translation, is a waste of his skills.

    3. Maybe his skill is being able to read (and understand) the original Japanese manga.

      On another note, is the plurual of manga "mangas" or just "manga." the 's' makes it sound sloppy and unrefined for some reason. idk

      1. Japanese words don't have a plural form, so "manga" is correct.

        1. well this isn't japan.

          but manga is still right, just like fish is plural

        2. But the word manga is Japanese, so wherever they are is irrelevant.

        3. No, usually as soon as you use a foreign word in a sentence without quoting it it becomes subject to the rules of the language you use it in.

        4. Perhaps, but the English rule for pluralization of words from foreign sources (i.e., all of them) is "use whatever rule applied in the source language, unless everybody is doing something different." Hence, the plural of "datum" (a piece of information) is "data", not "datums".

          "The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don't just borrow words; on occasion English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary." – James Nicoll

  2. What's the "Somethin' yellow in a cup"?

    1. Creme brulee, mebbe? Looks pretty solid.

    2. If I had to take a guess, judging by the picture and the pool of liquid on the ground in panel 5, I'd guess it's one of those little plastic containers of imitation lemonade with the foil tops.

    3. It looks like they're in Kinokuniya or some Japanese store of equal measure. More likely than not it's Japanese pudding dessert

    4. It's Giga Puddi! Puddi puddi puddi

      1. that video haunts my dreams

      2. Leave that shiz on 4chan -__-

    5. egg custard expert

      Yellow thing is an egg custard tart, a delicious Chinese pastry similar to the pastel de nata of Portugal.

    6. Its a delicious Chinese treat called "dan tat." An eggy but sweet custard.

      1. It's something yellow in a fucking cup.

        Let's not over-think this, people.

  3. wow. talk about social faux paus. that probably stings even more for girls too i'm guessing.. poor marigold. well, at least nirvana made a song with your name in it.

  4. Is that Kinokuniya?

    1. Kinokuniya is a Japanese book and gift store. They've lots of mange and anime, in both Japanese and English. In NYC, it's located on 6th Avenue, between 40th and 41st Streets.

      1. Ordinarily I am not a stickler for spelling and grammar, but…


        It's a store with lots of mange.

        1. Ordinarily, i let stuff like this go. but, you are over 9,000% wrong.

    2. Can't be because the huge manga section is on the upper floor, accessible only by escalator. The middle floor is all books and magazines.

  5. Hanna's expression in panel 7… just wonderful.

    I know it's been said, but Mar is really cute without the dreads.

    1. Haha, Hanna looks like Totoro!

  6. I got that copy of "Interstate Oasis" yesterday. THANK YOU, you're awesome, please please keep it up.

    Almost snorted beer out of my nose all over again at: "This is the most craigslist duel ever!"

  7. Eve looks so young in the bottom left panel!

  8. That is crushingly depressing.

  9. This is why Meredith is always worth the wait. Worst possible gift ever.

  10. Thanks for the comic. Glad to hear that your move went well :3

  11. Why does almost everyone have some kind of sunburst on their clothing?

    1. I think they're supposed to be marigolds!

    2. hmm, maybe it's because they are "team marigold?" but marigolds… don't look like that, do they?

  12. Why does Eve think it's all her fault again? I'm too lazy to go through the archives…

    1. i'm pretty certain it has to do with the wordless conversation will and eve had outside of the bar. (the comic is called karaoke.) so, in short, we don't really know WHY it's her fault, but we're fairly certain it's tied to that.

      1. She could still be thinking about drunkenly kissing Will

  13. Fantastic comic today.

    I love the pacing of it. You actually took the time to have a little beat with Hanna and Eve before going back to Marigold's situation. Really screams like a TV show or Film in terms of the beat.

    Also, how a wand reminds her of Will is something I don't think I want to know.

    1. The instruction book is titled "Romance for One"

  14. Great comic!

    In the last panel, Eve and Hanna look a little like Peanuts characters 😀

  15. Okay, I was sympathetic at first, but now I'm losing my patience with you, Marigold. Buck up and get over it, you're not the only one who's been dumped!! (*shakes her*)

    (This comic is so good the characters feel like real people to me…!)

    1. It's been a day or two? Cut her some slack, jeez.

      Of course, Puget Sean needs a good punch in the face, but still.

      1. haha true but that's the advice I give to my friends… maybe that's why they don't come to me for relationship advice anymore 😉

    2. It hasn't been that long – after a harsh dumping (I'm still not sure how long they were together but clearly long enough to contemplate moving in together) one needs time to be a mess first, and pull themselves together later. How long? Depends on the person and the intensity/duration of the relationship. For a four-month blip, a few days, maybe a week. For something that was going on longer, it could be a few weeks or even a month. After that you start to hit "get your act together" time.

      1. I dunno.

        I had an ex who tried to talk me out of buying new furniture for my apartment because "I might move in with him."

        We had only been together for 2 weeks.

        I broke up with him shortly after. That was just too weird.

        As much as Marigold annoys me, this new arc is providing a lot of insight. For many 20-something year old woman (I'm 33 now, btw) who was ever in a very serious relationship, you may not be ready for marriage, but you were ready to take a sample of "domestic bliss."

        A lot of women react how Marigold is reacting, which is leaves me personally both appalled and sympathetic. All the garbage women have endured throughout history, the Suffrage, equality, etc., and it's still romantic drama that leaves us whimpering in a fetal position on our couches.

        I have done this before, so I'm definitely not throwing stones here. But, this whole time I am cringing over and over again. In all seriousness, the only people who are proper screwing women from breaking free of the happy hausfrau role are women.

        1. I don't disagree with you – I just think that since it's only been a few days in this storyline's passage of time, that she's still well within her rights to feel like crap, go fetal, and cry a bit. It's genuinely sad when a relationship ends, even if it needed to end, and even if there's a lot more (and better) to look forward to – which there almost always is. If this kept up for weeks on end or in strip after strip I'd be annoyed with Marigold too – but a few days? I don't think being in the dumps for a few days means she wants to (or will) feel this way forever, or that she wants to be a 'happy hausfrau'.

          They don't show it in the same way, but I've seen guys react just as unhappily as Mari has in the first few days after a painful breakup. They may not cry in public, but I've had a few good male friends admit to going fetal on their couches in private.

  16. Actually, that book on microwave cooking is a pretty good one. Still in print, or at least in stock at Amazon. Check out the website:


    I heard about the book because of this article:


    an article that seems to be in line with your thoughts on the subject. However I actually purchased and followed many of the breakfast recipes because of the response to this from the author's daughter, follow this link and look for Tracy Grant in the comments:


    1. I actually catalogued this a few weeks back, and it struck me as sad even then.

      Our copy was by Yvonne Webb (Bay books, 1985) however, so I guess there's more than one with the same title? Which, sort of, makes the whole thing even sadder…

  17. Microwave Cooking for One… one of the most depressing books ever written. I hear the author committed suicide shortly before starting to write the book.

    1. that's not true. The author's daughter gave quite a good interview about her mother and the reasons why she wrote the book. It was intended to help senior citizens cook healthy meals for themselves with limited time and equipment. It had nothing to do with being single or lonely.

  18. okay. octopus pie is my favorite webcomic. i said it.

    1. Yes. You are correct.

  19. The saddest part is not Marigold's breakup with Will.

    The saddest part is that Microwave Cooking For One books exist.

  20. Oh god…I've reached the present. The binge is over!

    What a fun comic.

  21. Oh god that's a real book why is that a real book

  22. Yeah the sunburst thing.. very very strange. Also the mention of that book being a real book A) are not most micorwave meals for one? and B) The author must be a sad sad individual.

  23. Sean… You douche

    1. I know, right? Man, this one comic is chock full of so many great moments.

  24. Humorously, the cover of the actual book has a spread on a table that could feed a family of six. All bursting forth from an open oven.

    Adding to that, I can't help but smile at a majority of the amazon reviews acknowledging that this is a perfect book…for lonely or single people.

  25. Subtitle: Because You Will Die Alone

  26. Puget Sean, the insensitive guy who actually means well. Not a bright one, but beloved, for some reason. That being said, I'm impressed by the intricacy of your characters (as usual)!

    I'm glad your move went well, and I continue to fill with pure glee whenever OP updates.

  27. Oh, Puget Sean. You try so hard.

  28. I thought the 'S' in "sulking" was a 'G', and "gulking" was a new word for guilty sulking

  29. What's wrong with microwave cooking for one? As mentioned, most microwave cooking is probably for one; why not do it properly?

    Now, in context, yes, it's an awfully sad present to get Marigold, but most people I know cook for one quite regularly without feeling the end of all things trickling into the silent spaces of their heart. And sometimes they even use a microwave! Apparently without doom ensuing.

    Is this one of those ill-informed "microrwarv riddiiishin corzes brakeups!" paranoias? Like that hippie who told me they make your food radioactive.

  30. Eve's lesson for today: don't give advice when a friend asks you about an important decision that will affect their relationship.

  31. So there's a Kinokuniya in New York. I've lived in Asia for years so I find this kind of amusing. To me Kinokuniya is more normal than Barnes&Noble. "Something yellow in a cup" has got to be some weird Japanese dessert.

    Anyway, as much as I think Marigold and Will don't belong together, I feel Mari's pain. Been there!

    I'm also amused that out of all of Eve's geeky Asian friends, they hang out with Greg. I rather liked that wacky-haired girl who always dated a different guy and would like to see more of her.

  32. Page 1 of Microwave Cooking For One: "microwavable mac n cheese"

    1.) put mac n cheese in microwave

    2.) microwave mac n cheese

    Pages 2-231: replace "mac n cheese" with everything else edible you could microwave

  33. Who invited Greg?!

  34. worst breakup gift ever

  35. Marigold just needs to realize that she and Will weren't very good together. She's beginning to grate on me ever so slightly but only because I never got the impression that Will meant quite this much to her; maybe he did and she was never shown to express it genuinely (and maybe she did do so and I've forgotten about it or, God forbid, missed it). I always felt like she loved Will, the idea, more than Will, the actual guy.

    Regardless, she needs to move on. I think she'll see pretty soon that she's going to be better off without him. Also, Puget Sean is more of a dope than I thought. Seriously, it takes talent to be that much of a dumbass.

    1. @ with Andrew.

      I think (I *think*) Marigold and Will were together for 2 years (don't quote me on this; I've been gleaning this from previous posts). I can vaguely understand a bit of a tweek out on her end if it was that long. Still though, she didn't seem that interested in him (meaning, she liked playing 'mom' to him, or controlling him in some sense, like making him take her along for drug runs, or trying to coax him to move in with her), but as for love? Nope, sorry, didn't see much love on her part, or his for that matter.

      I haven't made it much of a secret that I don't care much for Marigold. She reminds me way too much of my female friends I've purposely cut friendships with because they were so manipulating.

      Marigold seems genuinely baffled when people don't want to go along with her ideas. In her mind, only her ideas or decisions make the most sense, regardless of how anyone else feels about it. This is mean, but she reminds me a bit of a slightly hippie version of Snookie.

      1. oop, sorry, I meant I agreed with Andrew.

  36. I see everyone's flower except eve's. Does she not have one? What does it mean?

  37. hanna's face in panel 7 is PERfect!

    did the something yellow in a cup have some sort of significance to mar relating to will? did i miss something there? why would she break it like that otherwise? at my most inconsiderate (depressed or not), i'd just stare ahead and not take the cup. did will bring her little cups of plastic pudding every wednesday? was that what they were eating when she realized she loved him? MY MIND

  38. Oh, Puget Sean, you never make anything better.

    I don't want to know why the deluxe vibrator reminded her of Will (is the shape…?). Or why, when she heard that, Hannah decided to get one for Eve.

  39. why are they all wearing.. flowers?

    1. they're Marigolds! those must be the gifts she said she made for everyone

  40. See, Sean, this kinda thing is why nobody could see your ghost in "Octopus Die"…

  41. So – Marigold runs away because she's reminded of her singleness by the cookbook… or because she's just found the solution to her problems – STICKING HER HEAD IN THE MICROWAVE

    1. To give herself a tan!!

      [/"Weird Al" reference]

  42. Panels 6 and 7 are the two best Hanna faces ever.

  43. Is anyone else hanging out for Will and Eve to be loverrrrrrsss? =]

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