#413 – i hate hipsters

4 thoughts on “#413 – i hate hipsters

  1. Yeah, I'm with Miss Marks here. Other than the Teen Wolf thing. That was pretty obviously 80s hipsterism before it had a name.

    *gasp* could it be the hipster is inside all of us all along?!1 Oh god, where are the flamethrowers.

    1. Well it wasn't a teen wolf it was werewolf Michael Jackson and can you get more 80's than that? Or deserving to suffer for that matter?

      Also outside of Teen Wolf/M.J. none of those costumes were from the 80's.

  2. I hadn't figured out Marigold's costume until this comic. Probably because I assumed she was orange, like a tiger, instead of blue. I guess that's the problem with black-and-white comics.

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