#405 – from something

This is an iconic OP page even though I never got around to shading it until the book came out. Pen Ward made a "grapes from Octopus Pie" Halloween costume that year - I wish I had the pic because it was a special, loving thing.

6 thoughts on “#405 – from something

  1. this was the page that sold me forever on octopus pie.

    i feel like i reference this strip at least once a week. it applies to so much.

    "is that… like… a podcast?" hahaha ahah aha ha ah aha aha ah.

  2. No one thinks Eve's from Fruit of the Loom?

    1. next Prescott Niles

      Certain age REPRESENT

    2. I think she's from The Grapes of Wrath.

    3. stand by on that…

  3. "it's from grapes" gets me every time

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