#403 – here come the guests

Boy did I wanna do this chapter. My first draft was a murder version of the "Beach Party" movies, with Marek heavily sampling Bonehead's look. I think I changed it up mostly because it was Halloween and the timing for a mansion mystery was perfect. An appearance by Vincent Price is the glue that holds these two genres together. The characters' Twitter icons here are very dated - Eve's from a popular avatar generator at the time. Mar's is an old-fashioned selfie with visible arm. Marek would definitely be a low-key Twitter egg, on social media solely for his friends, and maybe talking to his 3 favorite celebs. I'm still giggling at Greg's "first one here! nice." tweet.

3 thoughts on “#403 – here come the guests

  1. Marek would be the type to never change his icon from default, no matter how much he used twitter

  2. Hanna in Price drag! swoon, tbh

  3. Just realized Will's avatar is Blanka from Street Fighter, and LeBlanc is Will's last name.

    (Is this also supposed to be, like, Will is to Blanka what Bruce Banner is to Hulk? This Blanka looks a lot like Will.)

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