4 thoughts on “#4

  1. Ha ha, love the gross banter. I still don't understand Larry's job or hustle or whatever though. He delivers a strange variety of things, but in a way that allows him to get started at dawn? Also curious about the tiny chair-looking thing Will made that he's so enthusiastic about. Looks a bit like shelving but that doesn't make sense here.

    1. Probably something like Uber Eats. Demand is very high during covid.

  2. I like Larry's dig about how much more invested Will seems to be in the van than Larry is. Since we hear in a few pages that Bake 'N Bake didn't survive the pandemic, it seems like Will's in that stir-crazy post-employment headspace where he doesn't know where to redirect all the energy he'd usually be putting into work, so he's fixating on projects like Larry's van.

    1. Spencer Jean-Louis

      Dude…Definitely put your "spoiler alert" at the top of your comment next time. Like, I'm reading this page and comment section for the first time, right now. People don't exist " in a few pages" and on the current page, at the same time. Way to kill the B'NB news for me

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