#396 – lying to be nice

Wikipedia at some point *wasn't* seen as a trusted source of wisdom, if that isn't clear. It sort of became a cliche. and then everyone just decided it was fine to trust Wikipedia. I like that Will's response doesn't clarify it, or reinforce the thesis of this page. He's just lazy.

4 thoughts on “#396 – lying to be nice

  1. Panel 5 was always, to me, the greatest punchline in the whole comic. OP has always been a high quality comic, and I appreciated both the visual and literary artistry thriughout most arcs of the series, but just in terms of my sense of humor that's best tickled by sketch comedy such as Monty Python and WKUK, this joke was THE absolute greatest.

  2. Man, I remember when we got the Encarta 97 CD-ROM, and thought it was the museum of Alexandria

  3. it's really nuts how hot will is. how did you do that!

  4. it's a trusted source for casual wisdom, let's say… you still can't cite it in a book. it might work for THIS book though

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