#396 – trouble with honesty

I think Larry's supposed to be leaving a trail of blood there? I really pushed that visual to the side. I didn't spend a whole lot of time developing Aimee's character. She was really more a catalyst and something unreachable, which I guess some things in stories need to be. Did I have more in mind for her? At some point maybe... but not everything needs to have depth. At some point it just felt like worldbuilding to explore minor characters for the hell of it.

7 thoughts on “#396 – trouble with honesty

  1. The smoke drifting in front of Will's word balloon on this page is such a nice touch.

  2. the change in will's micro-expressions between panels 2 and 3 is so effective

  3. Not really? Not really??? Wow, that's maybe the shittiest thing ever from Will.

  4. “Not really”

    We all shit on Park, but Will deserves to drug through the coals on this one. Between the Eve interaction earlier and now this, he was being a real piece of shit to Mar, poor thing.

    1. I always sorta read this as Will already having made up his mind to break up with Marigold. Less a "I'm committed and ready to cheat" as "I'm about to not be with anyone soon."

      He's still doing more stringing along than I'd like, but maybe The Moment just hadn't happened yet. v('- ' )v

  5. kindof surprised at how well eve and will's relationship turned out considering she knew he cheated on Mar with Aimee, and then on Aimee with Eve. People who do that stuff usually aren't particularly …..stable? emotionally intelligent? adults?

  6. Although I love the way things played out, given Aimee's significance (significant insignificance) in the story later, specifically Summer for Suckers, I did have times of wondering more about her character. She gets this fantastic verbal takedown moment, and I loved her place in Simple Breakfast. She was supposed to be unattainable, but I always wondered what she was within those gates.

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