#387 – miss this space

I remember being mad that I had to bang this page out really quick. Fortunately it takes place in an empty apartment, right?? Little trick a' the trade.

10 thoughts on “#387 – miss this space

  1. Why does she hate him so much?

    1. When they first met, Donovan turned up his nose at the prospect of hooking up with Ning. She, irritably, pointed out that she had zero interest in him and was not offering a hookup..he’s continued to hold her at arms length as though she were interested

    2. My guess? Because he doesn't hide the fact that he's a dick and Eve is annoyed that on some level she sort of respects that.

    3. Cause he's a dick

    4. Honestly he does look emotionally stable but I feel any relationship with him would only go one way.

    5. Because he’s exactly the sort of douche to reply “it‘s the time I'll miss”?

      1. True. I seem to recall she'd met him before and disliked him intensely from that moment.

        1. peakpointmatrix

          The first time Eve met Donavan, she introduced herself and he not only ignored her, but carried on with Hanna as if she wasn’t there.

          The second major strike was when Eve was stranded in the city and spotted Donavan hopping into a cab hoping to hitch a ride to get home. He left her in the snow.

          Seems like grounds to hate the dude!

    6. Because she's extremely attracted to him.

    7. He is needlessly cold and shitty to her. He's decided she likes him (prob bc of hanna trying to set them up) and thinks he needs to send a clear signal.

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