#380 – the thing where the air is cool

This is maybe the first and one of the last times Will and Marek speak. Conventional wisdom suggests there's something inherently unchill about a) Hanna and Will's friendship and b) Marek's distance from it. The boys never really crack it open though. I think at some point I thought it would be fun for them to have a fight and then be friends. But this is exactly what happened to Aiden and Mr. Big in S04E10 "Belles of the Balls" and I could never have improved on that.

5 thoughts on “#380 – the thing where the air is cool

  1. Will at this point looks like a friendly version of Stephen Stills' boyfriend from Scott Pilgrim

  2. I never noticed the lack of Marek/Will interaction until now. It kind of reminds me of the scene in Arrested Development when Michael says that he never met Lucile 2.

  3. “She could always reach me, but I could never reach her.”

  4. Will totally thought this was going to be a Same Hat! situation. But friendships don't come as easily as that.

  5. There's Will doin' the brows thing haha

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