#480 – so long

That's right. Topical. Political. Can you take it? Are you offended? HEH. That's what I thought.

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  1. So, random observation, but that’s a REALLY cute Eve you’ve drawn for us tonight.

  2. There is too much LULZ in this comic.

  3. oh man. that got me good. my room exploded with laughter.

  4. yo.. im wicked offended.

  5. O_O The exact thing happened to a bunch of us when we were out to dinner earlier.

    Except the balloon part. I think they just had a regular car. Probably a hybrid.

  6. Digging that NPR totebag. He's part of an exclusive club alright.

  7. The last panel is the funniest panel I've seen this year.

  8. …I have no idea how to truly respond to this. It's just…amazing, and so confusing. And so amazing.

  9. The last panel has the best Eve face ever.

    1. agreed XD

  10. looks like Marek can't take it.


  12. Oh shit, looks like I'm in this comic.

  13. best political comic i've seen in a long time.

    1. Featuring special guest star Dr. Eli Bash, from Templar, AZ. (http://templaraz.com/?p=478)

  14. Love the panel layout

  15. I don't get it. Do you have to be American to get it? Or am I just thick?

    1. Don't get it either, and I thought I was moderately with the times. I'm 34, is this what getting old is like?

    2. I think you have to. I'm not and don't get it. Love the Darwin fish though. I had one that was ripped off by religious fanatics in my office…

      1. It's a take on the riots over in the UK right now, many selfish, arrogant, looters are destroying their own neighborhoods. In their eyes, these idiots (rioters) think it's a "that'll show 'em" moment to the Parliament (or something along those lines). But in reality, they're only hurting the hard working people who own the very shops they're looting.

        The comic is about someone missing the whole point of a conversation that they weren't even in, then butting in with their own opinion. Then running away before anyone can say anything, resulting in our cast slowly losing hope in humanity.

        1. whats the significance of his balloon with the political & religion stickers?
          or is it just showing he has no problem freely desplaying his opinions for everyone to see?

        2. He has a 'coexist' sticker next to a 'My Karma ran over your Dogma' and 'God-Less is More' sticker , which is a little bit disrespectful to those with Dogmatic beliefs.

          He's basically a smug hypocrite loudmouth.

        3. Those are all really trite, overused bumper stickers in the US. Basically, if you see a person's car with all those stickers on it, you know exactly what they'll think about everything.

        4. Many of them are pointless snark (karma ran over dogma) or an opinion lost in the noise of "pop" culture (I want my medicare). The juxtaposition of a Coexist sticker and "God-LESS is MORE" suggests a person more interested in appearing witty than being consistent. In short they are the symbols of a particular brand of hipster who believes that snark is a superior method of communication. A flesh and blood troll.

          As for it being a balloon, how would YOU make a quick entrance/exit from a rooftop?

        5. I got the riot stuff- I live in the UK- I just didn't understand the hot air balloon with all the assholish slogans and the group's reaction when he ran off. But thanks to all the helpful comments, I think I get it now! So thanks 🙂

        6. That guy doesn't even know them, but he buts in, hijacks someone's point in mid-sentence and runs off before anyone can stop him. He's all righteously rude for the sake of what anyway? We've all had way too many political conversations like that. The balloon is just brilliant; come on man. He makes his escape on a hot-air balloon covered with over-the-top slogans? Couldn't be more perfect.

    3. I mean, I guess it helps to be American so you can understand all our financial troubles and why the guy would chime in with that in particular. But really, the joke is just about smug douches.

  16. the "so long" face. I can't even

  17. LOVE the last panel. Perfection

  18. Words cannot describe how awesome this particular comic is.

  19. Topicality! This is just brilliant. I live in London and have been feeling like that a LOT lately.

  20. I disagree with the anger– that moment would make my day silly and great

  21. Although, I must say, my face would be a mirror image of all the characters in the penultimate panel…

    1. penultimate means next to last 😛

  22. Quite frankly, I lol'd.

    You know what's offensive?
    I've been wearing a t-shirt these past days that said: "My brother went to London and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." True story.


  24. Baby boomer activism at its finest.

  25. The balloon is full of farts

  26. Eve's wearing a ponytail 😀

    1. Yeah how cute is it! That was the first thing I thought about when I saw this, I thought her hair looks so nice like that 😀

  27. This mystery man needs a name! I hope to see him again.

  28. I don't think I'm ready for those politics.

  29. So, we've got disbelief, misery and rage.
    Who makes up the rest of our rainbow of despair?

    I hope this guy will be returning.
    Travelling in the world dispensing verbal, slightly out of date, carbon neutral justice to all private conversations everywhere.
    He's the hero we deserve.

  30. *sighs* more bashing on dems I guess, guess I'm done with the comic (thought Meredith was smarter than that) *deleted favorite link*

    1. hahaha 🙂

      1. It's funny to lose a follower? I don't think I understand, and I don't just mean the comic.

        1. I’m pretty sure the commenter is just kidding, that’s why I laughed.

          If they’re not, there really isn’t anything I can do about it!

        2. Community Organizer

          Finally, someone has the balls to stand up to Meredith and her OBVIOUS republican bias! Did you know that "Meredith Gran" is actually short for "Meredith Grand Old Party"? It's true!

        3. I KNEW IT.


        4. It's an anagram for "meander right".

        5. Holy shit. So it is.

          Comment of the year.

  31. This is why I carry a goddamn blowgun with me wherever I go. If Eve followed my example here, she could go all "recreating scenes from Kind Hearts and Coronets" on that guy's ass.

  32. From a British perspective the theism/atheism bit in this comic is very American. (yeah, I get he's the archtype us liberal, I'm just saying how it looks to an outsider as the rest of the comic deals with a non-us topic).

    Illustration wise I absolutely love it!

  33. This is probably the guy who coined the phrase: "I'm so far left, I think I'm right." Anyway, he won't go far. I'm sure he's a locavore.

  34. Aw, but, I like NPR 🙁 I don't lug around a tote bag with the logo though.

    1. Yeah, it always feels oogy to me to display signs of my charity. Well now that I think about it I quite happily wear a shirt from a local event last year, I wonder why that's different for me… /introspect

  35. This made me smile! As did joining up with 1000 awesome people in Manchester yesterday to help clean up after the riots!

  36. Perfect, right down to the unbearably douchey bumper stickers. Err, balloon stickers.

  37. I'm not sure I understand the point of this one? Is it oppossing those who are oblivious to the gobal situation, or is this a generalized bash against idealists?

    1. I think both…

      Well no extreme is healthy, "all things in moderation" and such.

    2. This isn't making a statement about the UK riots, nor is it making fun of atheists or liberals or even idealists.

      It's merely bashing self-satisfied douchebags who think proclaiming that they are atheist and anti-Republican, and who think that making jokes about Wall Street (in 2011) and inflammatory public statements about religion makes them witty, smart, and "with it."

  38. You know it's easy to mock people who use balloons as a low-carbon-impact method of transportation, but you're just revealing your anti-dirigible reactionary bias. SHAME!

  39. It seems like S just got R!!!

  40. That's the best illustration of the typical internet conversation that I've ever seen. "Hi, I was only sort of eavesdropping on your conversation, but the keywords have me riled up about a tangent. Soundbite! Bye, now." Eh, I think I've done that this week.

  41. Disagree with the opinions expressed, though i suppose i can't judge the validity of the stereotype since I'm down under. Funny ass shit. Instant like.

  42. shame comes in sizes that fit all who would wear it!

  43. I found this comic after seeing a link to it on "Boxer Hockey" (also a good comic) and instantly fell in love! I had to go all the way back to the beginning, and I have to say I LOVE the development of these characters! Way to go!

  44. On an off-topic, you are RIDICULOUS good at drawing cityscapes.

  45. Gotta say that I like Eve's hair in this page. Looks nice in a pony tail.

    Politics and Religion can certainly be crazy things,bumper stickers can be pretty funny though.

  46. just my commenting shows I have an opinion… my laying on the couch… my purchasing a computer… I'm freaking out

  47. I'm impressed by his insta-beard. Also, I love the last panel. Also, I'm a little appalled at the anti-lefty rage in some of the comments, as the irony in this comic is clearly cutting both ways. Gotta love the haters, though.

  48. Man, I feel bad for eve, she can't do anything without looking adorable.

  49. I think I actually met this guy at a house party once.

    1. I've met Mr.Left-wing before, I've also met his cousin Mr.Right-wing…They're both pretty annoying.

  50. Now, as a long-time listener of NPR, I must say I am OUTRAGED at this mockery of a fine..

    To those who don't get it, the basic joke is an arrogant far-left wing guy in a hot air balloon trolling a completely unrelated discussion with his own political beliefs. 😀

    1. Thank you, that was the clearest explanation of the humor that went completely only my head. (The balloon is not the only thing full of hot air.) I've been trolled similar to this online (Facebook, et al) by people on both extremes of the political divide. I'm also a lefty and NPR listener, but I wasn't offended by the stereotyped lefty in the comic. Nor have I ever seen any kind of bias one way or the other in the comic's artist. I think I'm more offended some of the commenters and their assumptions.

  51. Brilliant!! I love the expressions in the last panel!

  52. Yeah, sure, it's funny to you.

    But that guy's my uncle and I'm expected to buy him an X-mas present.

    — MrJM

    1. We all have this uncle.

      Mine trapped me in a car and drove me around the city as he told me my interests were wrong. Then, just last month, he compared my career to Nuclear Weapons.

    2. Might I suggest a bumper sticker?

  53. According to the banker, If the equity is positive, the business belongs bank. Otherwise, it's the lendee's liability. So, hot air balloon guy is wrong 100% of the time.

  54. Professional Mole

    There's not enough "what" for this comic, really.

  55. From now on, I'm calling Eve's face in that last panel "Justice Eve." I don't know why, that's just the first thing that I muttered to myself as I chuckled and smiled at this comic.

    1. Justice Eve!! It's very DC comics-sounding. I'm sure they'd love it!
      …Oh, wait…

  56. This man is a hero the world needs.

    Mostly the world needs more hot air balloons.

  57. Have you been in this guy's echo chamber? Its DEAFENING.

  58. I had this exact goddamn situation happen to me last night. Only the guy didn't leave. And when I brought up some of the effed up shite that members of the Tea Party had DONE? Oh, that's when things got interesting.


  60. that is some Johnny Fiveaces levels of ownage there

  61. This comic is pretty infuriating. In panel one, Professor Baloon clearly is just starting in on his tasty organic sandwich. And yet! Two panels later, it is gone and he is departing, with no indication of it remaining, and him certainly not having the time to consume it. This willful disregard of continuity has left me profoundly disappointed in this comical offering, I say!

  62. Kerry Edwards 2004! <3

  63. Apparently Meredith Gran has met my future self.

  64. Last panel made me lol.

    Are the new books in? I was just wondering…

  65. Penny Arcade is better…

    SHIT! Where's my balloon?

  66. How are you /so great/

  67. I think a lot of people get hung up on definitions for their opinions. Along with all the slogans that those opinions come with when really an opinion can not be fully contained or explained in the space of a bumper sticker.

    Also Eve's hair looks really cute!

  68. Oh lord. Just getting back from a road trip and I can't tell you how sick I am of seeing bumper stickers like these.

  69. I'm not really bothered by the Coexist bumper sticker as I like the sentiment, but the rest are a bit long in the tooth. That being said, I'm not the sort of person to put bumper stickers on his car, so what do I know…

  70. Eve needs to get this guy a Gulpo, The Fish Who Eats Concepts magnet.

  71. Just makes me think that if we can't laugh at ourselves, we shouldn't laugh at all.

    I love parodies/the ability to make fun of oneself.


  73. Seriously, Meredith, you fucking slay me.

  74. "My karma ran over your dogma" – awesome. (Though I'm guessing not your own creation, first time I've seen it).

  75. Eve's ponytail!

  76. Clearly, his hair grows from trolling,

  77. I will never understand how a Jewish star is suppose to be an x.

  78. Spacious Specious

    There I was telling people "if the rioters would simply form an LLC, they could burn the place to the ground and THEN get paid a handsome reward". Feeling all smug and satisfied. Then I saw this cartoon and realized that I don't even have a beautiful balloon. I'm pathetic.

  79. Is it wrong that I want to be that man?

    1. I think, to some extent, we all want to be that man. Witty one liners, hot air balloon, sandwich, beard. What's not to envy?

  80. I just wanted to say this comic is awesome and it has inspired to to try webcomic making…even though I kinda suck at it. =)

  81. Oh man, that made me chuckle. Adore it, I do.

  82. Okay, who can honestly say they WOULDN'T do this if they had enough income and owned a hot-air balloon?

    If you said yes, you are a liar and you should be ashamed.

  83. Every time I look back on this comic the same random thing always pops back into my head. "Man I love Eve's hair in this."

  84. And 4 years later, this man is leading the British Labour Party.

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