#364 – an answer

I saw this one pretty vividly before it was written, and still it hurts! Eve at this point in her life would like to imagine relationships aren't a yes or no binary. Maybe it'll just fizzle out when Park leaves? Maybe he'll meet someone else and move on? That'd be easy, right? There's cruelty in hoping for that, kindness (and maybe growth?) in giving that affirmative No.

4 thoughts on “#364 – an answer

  1. Definitely. Whenever we have to sort things out in our own head in order to be kind to others, that's growth.

  2. it's weird to revisit this breakup considering how hung up on him she is later in her life.
    I guess Mar called it at the spa, there was really nothing substantial between these two.

  3. God I remember this comic.
    It still rings in my head whenever i have to think about leaving… anyone.

  4. So, these series of panels is what made me fall in love with Octopus Pie. I love the moment-to-moment paneling. After seeing this, I started looking for as many of the collected editions as I could, lol

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