#351 – whoa whoa whoa

I've always been a fan of "whoa whoa whoa" as a line for a fictional character to say. It's 100% featured in scripts and not real life. Your character needs to have a little bit of camp swirling around them to deliver it effectively.

6 thoughts on “#351 – whoa whoa whoa

  1. So considering he never actually said yes… Was he actually named victor?

  2. victor is ultimate cat

  3. Hanna's got some great facial expressions in this chapter! 😀

  4. Phew, up until now I wasn't sure if Victor was a new character or if I just forgot about him and I was too afraid to ask

  5. Uh… I live in new england, specifically around MIT, and I and at least a few others I know say "woah woah woah" in real life….

  6. I say whoa whoa whoa…


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