#342 – as bad as it looks

15 thoughts on “#342 – as bad as it looks

  1. "Oh my dear sweet Buddha" LOL

  2. 5th panel: Hee hee, it's Nipper!

  3. Ha, I was going to ask on panel 1 if the title was a Shags ref — glad I waiting 😛

  4. Nancy Fuchs? Relation to Marigold, perhaps? Unlikely, of course, just sayin'.

  5. As soon as I saw that album cover I just about died. That brings back memories.

  6. Ahhhhh, good ol' Shaggs

  7. OMG – I have that album on CD and I can't remember why.

  8. One of the only CDs that my college's library had in its collection was Philosophy of the World. I think it was under anthropology?

  9. NO WAY! Same as Super Awesome: I almost freaked out when I saw that cover and it totally does bring back memories. It reminds me of HS, when my ex bf and friends yelled every other word of My Pal Foot Foot to each other during tennis practice. Amazing.

  10. AHAH. Wow, the shaggs. This is the greatest comic. Fuck are they in for a surprise.

  11. Panel 7 – yes

  12. I was just rereading this and is that an actual TROUT MASK REPLICA in the first panel? How did I not notice that the first time?

  13. yes!!! shaggs!!!

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxPsXPCR5MU

    If anybody feels like they need to punish their ears as of late

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