#322 – burning rubber

A girl smacking another girl who's fresh off an anxiety attack's ass -- still, super funny to me! Hanna had this way of minimizing Eve's problems that brought them back down to earth from the height of drama, where we could really look at them.

7 thoughts on “#322 – burning rubber

  1. Hannah's proportions are so weird compared to the rest of the cast.

    1. Those man-hands.

      1. Her feet, too. Basically, all of her extremities are proportionally disparate in a way that no one else is.

    2. Everyone has unique proportions, especially at the beginning. Eve's stubby legs (that never really goes away), Marigold's head shape, etc. As the comic goes on, some traits stay the same, others even out more (I notice the drawing style becoming more standardized after MG started working on the Marceline and the Scream Queens comic). But yeah, everyone started out with exaggerated differing proportions

      1. Perhaps I'm going more on memory. It just seems like Hannah's proportions always stay a little bit exaggerated. Eve's proportions are pretty similar to how most of the cast (in my mind) was drawn.

    3. Maybe It's because Hannah's always stoned and we see her as she experiences herself?

      1. Whoa 😮

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