#312 – beating the heat

You might've guessed that being hot is a common theme this week! I writes what I sees. If you're really hot this week, keep in mind that Eve's method is actually recommended. Alternatively, you can do it with an ALF towel. A new storyline starts for really real on Monday. I'm very excited to do this one. Have a good weekend!

83 thoughts on “#312 – beating the heat

  1. Will is fucking CRAZY.

    1. i like the ac unit on the side. its only gotten up to 100 once in nebraska but it was with a bunch of humidity.

    2. I love that about him. Hot? Scream while pouring ice on you!

    3. He predicted the Ice Bucket Challenge!

    4. richard schumacher

      He secretly plays a vampire on "Moonlight"

  2. I miss working somewhere with a gigantic walk-in fridge. :(. Those were the good ol' days.

  3. I am so sad that I haven't experienced the heat of the summer- In Michigan it has only gotten as high as 80 really, which isn't enough for me to want to put myself in a bathtub of ice. I usually can just sit outside in the shade or go downstairs and it is actually not cool but COLD- to the point where I have to wear a hoodie. Michigan is weird.

  4. haha Miles Davis air? Must be Birth Of The Cool. Nice touch with Marigold's AC. It's about to crush your ad boxes!

  5. Head up to the cascades for a bit. They're cold, and hella beautiful. Portland's nice, but Oregon's nothing if you don't go see our wonderful outdoors.

  6. It's been raining the last 3 weeks solid here in England. The only way you can tell it is summer is the rain is kind of warmer (=

    1. Ditto in New England. This makes the comic funnier.

  7. I've again realized that I love your random interlude-comics so much it's insane. You really manage to pick out interesting themes and play with them in the most hilarious way ever.

  8. Hehe, the air conditioner falling is a really nice touch. It's hot here in the Philly burbs too – guess we're all gonna start paying for the (mostly) awesome July. Yes, *everyone* will pay…

    (Also… Wiiiiiiiill 😀 )

  9. Is that Bart Simpson brand frozen peas?

  10. Call it a product of where I was born and where I currently live: I will never own or live in a house that doesn't have a central air conditioner! For some reason, I can stand being cold, but don't you dare let the temperature in the house get about 79 degrees.

    Your Yankee problems of heat beating are foreign to me. I just make my thermostat read 78 on really bad days and it works. That said, my electricity bills in the summer get kinda high 🙁

  11. i just wanted to say that i loved your falling air conditioner so much

    that it broke my self imposed embargo on all commenting

  12. Actually, the best one is soaking a shirt in the sink, wringing out as much of the water as possible and putting it back on. Cools you right down, although it will up the indoor humidity levels. Where I am, in summer, there's almost negative humidity.

    1. Or then put the shirt in the freezer. Nothing like cracking a homemade shirtsicle.

  13. being a Brooklynite i totally sympathize here. also, the dropping A/C out of frame is maybe the single most genius piece of comicking i've ever seen. 😀

  14. is that a beardless marek?!?!?!?

    also will's panel made me literally laugh out loud

    1. beards can get hot in the summer, but they're a life saver in the winter

  15. The very last bit with the falloff is the tilt to your Jughead hat.

  16. Nothing in life or art makes me laugh harder than the falling air conditioner, so long as no one is hit/hurt below. I've seen it happen three times, once to me. Never fails to amuse. Sometimes, physical humor is best.

  17. I almost wish we had a bit more insane heat here in the UK. You can have some of our vengful rain if you wish.

  18. Love the falling air conditioner outside the panel gag.

  19. bahahahahahahahahhaha… oh they're all funny for their own reasons!!

    at least you guys have summer there… it's winter over here… lame

  20. Oh my goodness, Julie can be so creepy sometimes. It's always the sweet, unassuming ones that turn out to be totally insane.

    And who would like to harvest a Will kidney? Yours for only four easy payments of $19.99!

  21. That's a pretty damned on-model Bart Simpson!

  22. Hahaha, I love it. And my reaction to heat is the same as Hanna's – DON'TTOUCHME.

    1. YES I have a clear memory of doing this once, so I saw this and cacked up. Where I am it gets up to 120, gotta love the heat. (in Australia, and I love this comic to bits because its so like my life XD)

  23. Ugh, it's been at least 100 degrees here daily for the past month, I'm with you. Last time my AC died, I tried the frozen towel method Eve is employing, which does help. Consequently, though, your loved ones won't consider it a thoughtful gesture if you drape said frozen towel over their sleeping bodies, no matter how lovingly you do it.

  24. that air conditioner at the end is the best. it's like that little bit of movie at the end of the credits when everyone's left the theatre except you because you demand that the credit-making people didn't do all that work for nothing.

  25. Hmm… saladcat. I've seen this before.. It's nothing to worry about.

  26. Thank god the poor North West cooled down today! Well, up here in WA it did, hope you are ok down there!

    Don't touch me! 😛

  27. Heehee, I pity all you people everywhere else in the country. We had a couple merciless days here in the North Bay*, but for at least a week it's been pretty perfect.

    Anyway, love the comic, just thought I'd chime in on the weather.

    *That's north of the San Francisco Bay.

  28. When I was a young lad at summer camp in middle Tennessee there was a natural spring with ice cold water we would sit under to cool off.

    Now I go with Will's method; the screaming is required.

  29. I'm with Will on this one………

  30. I'm in Seattle, so I totally understand this ridiculous weather. If you are on a budget, a spray bottle of water and a fan make for pretty good $25 ghetto a/c, especially when your apartment is about 20 degrees hotter that outside.

  31. Even up here in Canada, or rather, -especially- up here in Canada (at least where I am) the summers are as brutal as our winters. Nova Scotia is fond of extremes, I tell you what. As for my favored method of cooling off, I'd have to say that I usually just consume copious amounts of iced treats. When that fails, I find an ice-cold shower to be the ticket.

    1. I am in Nova Scotia. At the moment, I've got two fans and an ice pack on me. I hate the weather here, seriously.

      1. I was in Beijing for 3 weeks so Halifax has been pretty cool overall in comparison, but Friday I went to an outdoor wedding in full tux facing a scorching sun and what must have been 100% humidity. I was longing for the simple oppressive heat of China.

  32. I enjoy dartigen's method, only I employ a pillow case for the nighttime.

    The air conditioner falling outside the panel = genius.

  33. I hate that I can relate to most everything in this strip(I no longer buy Bart Simpson peas).

  34. Being from the southeast US, I'm just used to really high electricity bills in the summer. When it's in the 90's with 70% humidity, there's not much else to do.

  35. Welcome to the extremes of summer in Oregon. LOL No, really! It is good to have you out here, sorry that the heat is a little out of control. We're looking at another 3-4 daze of the 100's out here on the east side.

  36. I wish I was cat-sized so I could pass out on a salad to cool off (that is a salad right?).

  37. I'm in Oregon too, down in the valley (the valley so low), and maaaan I wasn't used to it either. No air conditioning, spent a darn lot of time at the nice cool library.

    Just remember though, that that happens two or three days or longer at least once every summer. Keep a supply of working fans in the closet! (Mine were broken D: )

  38. The bed scene is how i am ALL summer.

  39. It seems to be over now, well down in the valley at least (<100!!)

  40. Its been 100+ here in tx for 50 days, I just get used to it.

  41. Manuel in the salad is adorable. My cat has never passed out in any type of food. But she behaves more like a dog…so…*shrug*

    Panel Six made me cry from laughter! I imagined her speaking in a crazed, monotone voice. At least they have plenty of kelp to eat.

  42. Ye heat to that extremity kinda sucks… But it's better than winter, which it is over here in Australia

    HATE IT!!

  43. Holy crap is the entire world having a heat wave? I've been sweating like crazy lately, but I'm in *Austria*! Where there is precious little air conditioning, by the way. 🙁

  44. Am I the only one who is content with the temperature in their region? San Diego on the coast is just perfect right now!

    1. yes.

      lucky you.

  45. Shoulda moved to Mars, like I did.

  46. Just caught up from reading from the beginning (not in one sitting, though, as some are wont to do) and just wanted to voice my intense like for this comic, and am adding it to regular reads.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  47. Haha, I love every single panel here!

    –Just a question… When does Octopus Pie update? It seems like it used to update at midnight on M/W/F, but lately I'm not sure what the schedule is… does anyone know?

  48. Oh dear, the OP computer suffered from heat wave of its own. Hope you'll get back on track soon, Meredith! Although if you decided to make a vacation of it, who could blame you? I hear it's hot out there in Oregon.

  49. Portland was CRAZY last week. First panel, second row, is a perfect replica of how I spent the mornings.

  50. i'm so glad the heat wave's broken, thank god.

    hey just in case you weren't aware, there's a handy place on SE 10th and main called free geek (see freegeek.org)–"community technology center". they use a mostly volunteer-run program to recycle and refurbish old computers and electronics like crazy, and to educate the public about computer building and use. if you need a new machine (or parts) on the cheap, it's where to go. also, they are totally badass.

  51. People, I come here (the Internet) to AVOID talking about the weather. Really.


  52. Thanks for the ideas!

    Ill try the eve method one of this days :p


    1. …..wait nope. it looks like a towel! hahaha

  54. wish i couls say i haven'tdone all of those…WISH i could

  55. the bart simpson thing CLEARLY says 'dont have a cow, dude'

  56. This is the funniest page I've ever seen. You are a master of wit.

  57. LOL, I live in the valley of OR, and I remember this lovely heat wave. Panel 3 was totally my boyfriend and I those awful fucking nights.

  58. Ok, this is one year old, but it was 32°C with smog and a dew point of 22°C here yesterday. In Finland.

    I'm currently in panel 7.

  59. Park listens to some good tunes.

    1. You mean Mor, right?

      1. Sure, Mor… erm, heh heh, yeaaah.

      2. He kinda looks like Greg to me.

  60. All of this is me in the summer, especially Will.


  62. Best panel goes to Will. FOREVER.

  63. Oh man I've been reading through the archives all day and laughing but the Will panel here completely cracked me up.

  64. Is there a separate comic with Will in it!? If so, I must know. I love him.

  65. Whatever works I guess. Personally, I'd just open window, turn on the fan, or let the a/c run for a while.

  66. Dang, that towel in the last panel was straight out of my childhood. Ah, mass production~

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