#311 – ambiguous times

The end! Hope you liked this story. It seemed pretty long due to the guest strip run, but this was a relatively short arc. There is a new thing you can buy, in time for hot summer drinking: Pint Glasses! Featuring the much-loved Paper Bag Parade design, like so: Please note this is a PRE-ORDER. I must take a pre-order on this one to cover the cost of printing them, so if you want to be included in the order, get yours now. These are likely to ship by the end of July or very beginning of August. Pint glasses!

40 thoughts on “#311 – ambiguous times

  1. What… what is a pizza stone?

    Must be some American thing…

    1. I think it might actually be an Italian thing.

      1. It's a stone used for baking pizza or bread on in an oven. The stone takes the heat of oven and distributes it over the bottom of the pizza in a more even fashion then a metal pan. It's also porous which means it will absorb moisture during the baking process giving you a crisp crust.

    2. You put a pizza stone in the oven and bake a pizza on it. The pizza get all nice, doesn't stick, and the bottom has a great texture. I have one, but I never use it. I guess I should.

    3. A pizza stone is a baking device. It maintains a certain amount of heat in the oven that makes it perfect for baking pizza on top of (and I am sure other baked goodies).

      A wonderful investment for pizza making folk, just be sure to put corn meal on top before you put the dough on.

      1. I'm so glad that one person's legit explanation was made redundant by those who felt the need to restate the exact thing that was previously stated before them. Twice.

        1. It's a device used in the baking of pizza. Somewhere along the way, someone figured out that the stone baking surface in a pizza oven was very important to the consistency of the crust, and came up with a home version. It distributes the heat along the bottom better than metal, and absorbs moisture for a crisper crust.

  2. I really like Park! He's definitely grown on me.

  3. meredith, did you go to the dave chappelle madness? i left… 30 minutes before he showed up… *tear*. why don’t i trust twitter?

    1. I went to that, but left after waiting for a good while. I heard he got there about 45 minutes after we left.

    2. I did not! I was working on comics. 🙂

  4. I don't understand why Eve got hit

    1. perhaps because of the will-kiss

  5. we have a cowboy bebop fan amongst us! (see alt text)

    1. As soon as I saw that text the song immediately blared in my mind.

    2. Well, I too am a huge fan of the Seatbelts (& Bebop), but I feel compelled to point out that the expression "bad dog, no biscuit" is as old as the proverbial hills. And it's been a favorite of musicians for almost as long. There's an old rockabilly song of the same name (which you hear all the time at blues jams) and a band from the 90s named that too (not sure if they're still around).

  6. Geez, this kids today are too lazy to even Google for themselves: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza_stone

    Also, I'm pretty sure Eve got hit because she kissed Will and now Hanna is starting to not hate Park so much.

  7. Remember yesterday's Will speech? "Do you think your friends are dogs? You can't control our behavior or boil our motives down to simple yes-no answers You can't keep us from screwing up " Hanna still thinks she can keep Eve from screwing up, so she hits her with a newspaper,

    Like she would discipline a dog.

    1. Haha, great catch, I didn't notice that.

  8. I had an idea pizza stone was… er… stone condensed into a pizza? XD Thanks for the wiki link, Danyell.

    Hanna is in conflict now isn't she. Park's not so bad, Will's still great, and Eve ends up being the screwball best friend who can't leave NYC. Oh man. The drama.

  9. That's right! Eve is getting hers soon enough.

  10. Merdith. Snowy plushes please! He's adorable.

    1. Agreed.

      Also, if you had Octo Pie action figures, I may or may not buy them and then play with them constantly. The may or may not depends on how nerdy whoever is reading this thinks I am.

  11. Love Snowy's tail movement as he's crossing the street with Park.

  12. Ha! I could hear that last panel.



  14. Hilarity & Sue… Hanna spares Snowy the paper but Eve's been 'bad'.

    And best of all, Hanna has tricked herself into a friendship!

    Mmm, covetous… printy, pinty, classy & glassy goodness.

  15. Oh wow….now Hanna and Park friendship

    Poor poor Eve, the pain that aproaches her is impresive.

    Why am I dreading my sister dog after this storyline

  16. Things is 'bout to get mo' complicated.

    Let us make an Obama-shaped pizza and see how this progresses! Woocha!

  17. I'm afraid if I got a pizza stone shaped like Obama, I'd have to crack it over the person who gave it to me's head.

  18. XD I love Park and Eve…Hanna is starting to get less annoying.

  19. I'm not totally certain what the point of such a pizza stone would be; Mr. Presidents face would be imprinted upon the -bottom- of the pizza crust, where no-one will ever see it.

    1. That's cause Obama's got your back! The back of your pizza, that is.

      1. Today's strip made me laugh twice, and you picked up the assist for the hat trick. Well done!

  20. Of course I liked it . I like just about any dog story, and when the dog is named Snowy and he chases squirrels in sewers then it's a guarantee of quality.

  21. that last panel is priceless.


    Loved this storyline, Mer. Can't wait for the next one to start…

    P.S. Love the alt text. I laughed.

    P.P.S. I also pre-ordered those glasses. They look awesome-sauce. I needs me some Octopus Pie barware!

  23. At first I thought a pizza stone was an uncooked pizza. *Facekeyboard*

    Eve's expression in the last panel is hilarious! I love the *o*

    I thought she got hit because she was ogling Park. I guess the Will thing makes sense too though.

  24. eves haircut in this one is pretty awsome

  25. Hannah, gdi!

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