#308 – must be nice

I think we've turned into a full-scale dog comic. With that in mind, I'm pleased to tell you about the new T-shirt that's fresh off the printers: oh my god Inspired by this comic right here, where Eve champions the concept of puppy chasing. No pre-orders for this one -- it's shipping NOW! So order one today at the Topatoco store and you will be looking sharp in no time.

41 thoughts on “#308 – must be nice

  1. oh no!!!!!

  2. I knew it was only a matter of time before some unfortunate event befell that dog. It's not that I think Hanna to be incapable of caring for the animal, but come on! That dog was doomed from the start!

  3. Snowy can't be dead unless Mer forgot to draw the leash being drawn tight from him hanging himself by jumping down the hole. Which I don't think is something Mer would do.

  4. Ugh, I knew something way going to happen to the dog, but I can't abide no dog tragedies! Hurt a person if you must, just not a dog! 🙁

  5. That is the greatest variation in length I've ever seen from a leash unless snowy's collar just came off.

  6. Yup, it's a dogs life for me too. Minus the eating of feline droppings.

  7. Unless it's a magical leash? No? Ok, never mind then.

  8. She's fishing for sewer-crocs.

  9. She thinks she's a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

    1. Snowy is searching for underworldly guidance from Splinter. It is the only way.

  10. Dog is stuck, Hanna calls the fire department, and then the whole thing gets televised!

    1. Totally what happens.

  11. Meredith Gran, are you going to make me depressed? Are you? I think you are.

  12. Am I the only one who found this funny?

  13. Uhm… my little guy shares snowy's disgusting habits. My bet is he's down the sewer…

  14. Will you have any of those shirts at Comic Con…? I may have to get myself one…

  15. Snowy's dead baby, Snowy's dead.

  16. I can't wait for Hanna 'N' Snowy's Sewer Adventures™!!!!

  17. Please don't kill off the dog, it will break my heart. x_x

  18. nawww god love her, Hanna's so cut =(

    and Snowy is ummm… not dead I hope

  19. Death does not occur in the world of OctoPie. Snowy is fine, just misplaced. And Hanna will soon adopt him as her Zen teacher, just like Marek and the duck.

  20. STELLA!!!

    (Sorry, see Interpol's "Turn on the bright lights" album, the song "Stella was a diver").

    Don't let this turn into a tour of NY sewers… oh who am I kidding, do it!

  21. The timing on Panels 7-9 are fantastic

  22. that would totally suck if snowy is dead.

  23. Well done, Hannah was so into self-pity to notice anything going on and the worst thing ever happened.

    I can hardly wait to see the consequences.

    This is a family webcomic, Snowy will be alright, dogs are always alright.

    1. haha. I'm not sure I've ever heard OP called a family comic before. 🙂

      1. I'm sure there is a family fucked up enough for this to be just their type.

  24. O_O


  25. Guys guys guys.

    The dog likes to eat poop. What better place to find poop than a sewer, huh? /HUH/?

  26. I think the collar came off.

    I hope.

    Panel Eight <3 See you guys? Hanna DOES care about others! I could see her as a dog person. Maybe. Probably just a duck person.

  27. Also, that shirt, so amazing. Definitely buying.

  28. Oh fuck.


  29. Believe I'll add my voice to the chorus…


    I've had too many real dogs die this year. At least let the fictional ones be alright.

  30. Oh my god ! I need such a tshirt !

  31. Topical information I just found out the other day: You know which animal DOES worry about the future, besides humans? OCTOPUSES. They've been seen carrying coconut shells with them in case they need a hiding place. No octopus pie for me please. 😡

  32. Underneath that sarcastic, nonchalant demeanor, she really does care a lot about others. Hanna does what she can to protect her friends. Even if her means are sometimes deceptive, it's all with good intentions.

  33. Intersting Beaver

    Is it just me or did Hanna go full Marek there in panel 1?

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