#282 – thanks for being a fan

One sibling licking an object to convey ownership is just viscerally hilarious to me. Definitely a joke I wrote for myself. An OP reader once told me they showed this comic to Supermarket Sweep host Dave Ruprecht at a live event. I'm told he acknowledged it cheerfully.

4 thoughts on “#282 – thanks for being a fan

  1. Wait… This is a real show?! I always thought it was imaginary!
    American TV is weird.

    1. You can find whole eps on YouTube! It is the most awkward thing ever!

  2. At my partner's birthday, the sibling lick of ownership happened twice! Once, our nieces–the younger licked the olders water cup, who promptly gave it up (tweens). Then my brother tried the same thing on the rice scoop we we're sharing (30s!).

  3. Hey Meredith! I was just curious, what was the more complex Hanna story you mentioned in the commentary that you ended cutting? http://www.octopuspie.com/2018-12-11/266-manufact

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