#279 – coupon wizard

The smashing in the final panel is an homage to The Clash's "London Calling", which I also tried to pay tribute to in an unreleased illustration. In it, Hanna was smashing a Guitar Hero guitar. I haven't had any luck finding it, but I will post it in the comments if I ever do.

7 thoughts on “#279 – coupon wizard

  1. This is one of my all time favorite pages

  2. I had to sing this out loud to my husband. Genius!

  3. Greatest. Web comic. Ever.

  4. She's a shopping wizard
    There's got to be a twist
    A shopping wizard's got
    Such a perfect list…

    (I wanted to come up with a more descriptive, contextual adjective than "perfect," but I've been trying for 5 minutes, and I've got my own damn songs to write.)

    1. The alliteration in the original is important too, though…Quite a careful list, perhaps?

  5. Ah Jacob. You always were the hardest Octopus Pie character to figure out.

  6. This page is a fine Christmas present.

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