#276 – boing

I was staying with my pal Vera when I drew this page. She made a suggestion of the bad guy's raised leg in frame #2, and I think it enhanced a lot. Ever a faithful friend! The week is just about over and I might fall behind on a few comments until after Xmas - just a heads up. I'll make them up though! Happy Holidays, OP rereaders!

7 thoughts on “#276 – boing

  1. This is the first Octopie sketch I ever got! 😀 😀 😀

  2. The raised leg definitely is a great addition. I'm talking out of my b*tt but I feel like it gives that piece of action balance and a sense of forward momentum.

  3. So I'm not quite sure I understand the stunt she pulls off in bottom left panel. Is she naturally super bouncy or what? I mean it's a cartoon and she may be flutter jumping in the last panel so maybe.

    1. The bonus is probably inflatable, as most were on the show. So she’s bouncing off of that.

  4. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this reposting! I discovered this comic pretty late in the game and going through the entire archive seemed VERY daunting at the time. I love being able to read it in the original webcomic format! Happy holidays!

  5. I have always enjoyed this page for Eve's "air run" in the last panel. It never fails to get a smile from me.

  6. Eve's got that Yoshi float

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