#260 – no more lies

I think it's kind of dark and also familiar that (spoiler) Park NEVER got the real story on this - that Eve felt she didn't owe it to him then, and down the line it wouldn't mater at all. The truth goes a long way towards a tidy story, but does a thorough postmortem really matter in this case? I kind of felt like in dividing up their possessions, Eve got to keep a few little lies to herself, and never regretted it.

5 thoughts on “#260 – no more lies

  1. I mean, he condescends to her and all of her friends always. I think Eve is justified in trying to keep him from having more influence in, and information about, her life.

  2. I really like your use of the "exact words" trope here – Eve can tell herself she hasn't told a lie "from here on out", even though Park would (hypocritically) feel she had lied by omission. That seems like a familiar bit of self-deception, something we tell ourselves isn't too bad.

    But seriously, fuck Park.
    (well, metaphorically. Never literally)

  3. It is the untidiness of real-life shenanigans.

  4. Moments like this created the brutal emotional realism of OP for me. You can be justified and wrong at the same time sadly, and you move on with no real closure, because there are no clean story lines

  5. I have a stupid question.

    Park has a lot of conversations on benches. There's this one, the one in Interview. Later, Frontwards has two of them.

    NYC's got a lot of benches, but, was this meant to be another long term name pun? Park bench?

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