#244 – charity case

"Some dicks are never meant to touch" really makes up for the tax-based humor at the end of this page. A joke I still stand by 100%.

3 thoughts on “#244 – charity case

  1. Oh Donovan. The character I love to hate.

  2. One of the things I love about the growth of the comic is the evolution of the dialogue; from the whip-smart but too-perfectly-on-the-nose wordplay of the early strips, to the natural conversation of the later ones where the characters are unintentionally oblique whilst saying everything the author wants them to.

    It’s not that the dialogue early on is poor – after all, it’s a big part of why I (we?) fell in love with the strip. But the later dialogue is exceptional, some of the most naturalistic I've read/heard in *any* media. Bravo, Ms Gran!

  3. Goddamnit Hanna, stoppit, ya don't know whatcha messin' with

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