#234 – lajvati

The old birthday bathroom excuse, eh? It's the gold standard and it WORKS, people. I consider panels 2 & 3 to be the classic father-daughter conundrum. When Eve is 40, perhaps we can reevaluate. Folks, thank you so much for your donations. I was somewhat timid in accepting them, and I wasn't sure what to expect when I did. It's very touching to see so many names - a few familiar, many I've never seen before - contribute to my well-being. It has lifted a great deal of stress over the past few days, and I can't begin to describe how helpful that is.

6 thoughts on “#234 – lajvati

  1. I've read this story at least twice before, and I've only just now figured out the bathroom excuse. Feelin' briiiiiight.

    1. I still don't get it, and I've read it 3, maybe 4 times.

  2. I know that, when I'm in love, nobody is happy neither.


  4. Someone will must explain the joke pleases

  5. he's telling the restaurant it's the dad's birthday so they get him a cake

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