#228 – launch code

You'll notice to your right there is a new link for commenting. This is a little feature I'm testing, courtesy of Google, for the time being! Some of you may recall I've had comments on the site and removed them before. At the time it seemed a bit too impersonal to me, so I opted to ask for your e-mails instead (which, by the way, I still love getting). This time around I am hoping the Google/Yahoo/AIM integration will make the comments seem slightly more community oriented. Let's give it a whirl! To sign in and use the comment board, click the little blue icon, pop open a new window, and log into your preferred account. Then you're good to go! If you didn't catch it, there's all kinds of merch specials going on this week. Check this post for details!

5 thoughts on “#228 – launch code

  1. Wow… John Arbuckle beneath the waist is pretty weird.

    It's… It's like this comic is pure zen. Made out of zen pie.

  2. I swear… Marek just WILLS his face rug into existence. It's like he wakes up one day and is like "Well the weather channel says today will be chilly." *beard instantly forms on his face*

  3. Don’t feel bad, Hanna. You’re good, but nobody pushes buttons like family.

  4. Marek bringing the heat with that sick burn!

  5. … now scarier?!

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