#223 – champ

Here is a new semi-tutorial video I recorded while drawing Monday's comic. Unlike the ones in the past, this follows my comic-drawing adventures with ink and paper. Check it out below, or view it at high quality here -- recommended for extra freshness. Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “#223 – champ

  1. F’sho dude : /

    1. Ahk! Shugo Tokumaru!

      You have eternally earned every bit of my respect, if you didn't already have a little bit of it that is…


  2. What a jackass douche

  3. Wow, this will sound silly, but I've never seen a left-handed artist work before! That was cool.

    1. Actually tCha, it is not possible for left-handed people to paint. The artist merely mirrored the video of her drawing with her right hand to create an illusion.

      1. what? what are you talking about? why would they mirror only the drawing part? besides the bottle on 0:32 shows a bottle that says "ink" on it. if it was mirrored it would have been backwards.

        and since when can't there be left-handed artists?

      2. Actually, my sister is left-handed and draws very well, thank you.

      3. Left handed people are more likely to be artist since they usually right brained people. Thought I'd put it out there.

        1. CaptainTightPants

          The whole Left brain/Right brain thing really means nothing. It is a myth.

        2. Each case is different, so left handed people are not necessarily more likely to be artists.

    2. bahahahaha. that was hilarious. how is it that this comment is so old but no one else has remarked that this is funny? oh, man guys. this is the internet.

  4. I will never be that good no matter how long I try…ive been drawing for thirty years, and am no where near this level.

  5. "Champ," the most condescending nickname one can apply to anyone older than five. Ouch.

  6. Except for "sweetheart." I'd rather be called "champ."

  7. No questions? So has he already given up on getting the job or does he really have no clue about the basics of an interview?

  8. The tie, how did I miss that tie before … xD

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