#221 – still unfair

People talked about this one a lot when it came out, it definitely provoked. This story explored the political underpinnings of the characters more than most. What I'll say about it now is that the characters' views are meant to be weighed in the larger context of the story. Which is maybe a tricky thing with webcomics, where the urge is to link to a single page and discuss it on its own. I also think we expect daily strip authors to deliver their own opinions in the form of soundbites a lot of the time, and that was never my intention with any character in this series. I never sought for any of them to be right or wrong, merely living with the causes and consequences of their views. ANYway, I made a YouTube recording of myself drawing this page if you want to see, and listen to the indie rock I liked the year it was made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U01AGhlfkfg&fmt=6