#216 – predisposed to gravity

APE is over! Thanks to everyone who came! I am blogging to you straight from SFO airport, there will be more when I've gotten home and have had sleep.

9 thoughts on “#216 – predisposed to gravity

  1. That poor doctor.

    1. That is what I was thinking too.

  2. With patients like these , i bet he's a RICH doctor sir 😉

  3. i have PDTG, too. it's a bitch.

  4. Great line. "Yeah yeah drugs, gimme."

  5. "I'm afraid you're predisposed to gravity." — brilliant stuff. XD

    1. Dang, and I just found out I'm allergic to antimatter too.

      (Technically, all matter is allergic to antimatter.)

  6. Is this dude the only doc in town? :’)

  7. "Yeah yeah drugs, gimme" is something that I think about a lot.

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