#211 – nod

There was a brief mishap on Monday where I was accidentally charging people to ship their buttons for a while. This was a bug and I assure you the shipping is indeed free! Buy your buttons right here.

Now if you're a high roller, you may be interested in knowing that I'll now be selling comic originals for a flat rate. The price starts at $150 a page, though this may go up after the holidays. For now, only 2 strips (the two most recent) are for sale, but by Friday every strip will be up, save the ones that have already been sold and 1 or 2 I'm putting aside. Watch for the strip's availability right under the title of its respective blog post.

I'd like to give everyone a fair chance at grabbing pages, but if there's a strip you'd really like to buy, drop me an e-mail and I will let you know exactly when it's going up.

p.s. Have you seen my man Box Brown's rendering of his characters in my style? Pretty sweet! He's doing all different webcomic styles this week so you should check out Bellen!

One thought on “#211 – nod

  1. the termi-lobster is awesome.

    "take my hand if you want to ROCK!"

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