#210 – eric’s florida room

UPDATE 4:00 PM EST - If you ordered/tried to order buttons today, you may have been confused by the shipping charges. Sorry! This bug is now fixed -- button shipping is free! I've got some new store items up today, which I feel will satisfy a diverse spectrum of interests. If you are into sharp objects and/or reading, you may wanna peep this new Button Pack: Only $5 with free shipping! And I made them myself, so they are a one of a kind thing. Or better yet, for a limited time I will throw in a button pack for free with every Octopus Pie Book 2-Pack order! If you've been meaning to order the books and/or would like to get a jump start on holiday shopping, you will basically be making out like a bandit. (while still supporting the comic, of course) Not much of a reader? I took one of my most beloved Twitter doodles and recently turned it into a T-shirt! The rude results: Now for pre-order at Topatoco! I hear tell this shirt will be shipping early November. But the more orders they get, the faster this message can be emblazoned on your chest. All, right, I'm back to getting ahead in anticipation of APE. Stay frosty this week.

7 thoughts on “#210 – eric’s florida room

  1. Total win.

    The multi-jokers, the B-52's reference, pure gold.

    1. and of course the Herb Alpert, but that started a couple strips ago.

  2. Hell meh!

    1. How do you say "Hell meh"? Is there vehemence in the "hell," then you drop some apathy into the "meh"?

  3. B-52’s, HELL yeah!

  4. It wasn't a rock…it was a Rock Lobster!

  5. "Hell Meh" will never not be funny

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