#194 – based on experience

This is a very popular strip. Eagle eye readers (who aren't afraid of spoilers) may notice its point is refuted later on.

9 thoughts on “#194 – based on experience

  1. Foreshadowing much?

  2. good reference! and the nice/smart dynamic comes up in later relationships, too. no wonder that OP is one of my favorite strips. 🙂

  3. I know that Will is, generally speaking, nicer than Eve. But coming at the end of this day, the comment feels off? Through the day, he continuously lost his cool and beat physically people who had not done any real harm to him. His "bad" outcome at the end of the day (not getting the girl) was not precisely in spite of his "niceness" and he still got off better than the guy that got beaten bloody for making a harmless prank (not to mention had his gf fall for the man who beat him, even if only briefly).

  4. Oh gosh! Look at that!

    I still think Octopus Pie is the greatest comic ever

  5. Godd I absolutely love Eve's hair here

  6. It's popular because it's good and it feels true (some lesbian relationships excepted). And the second half of the strip is also great interaction, as Eve and Will work on being friends and show why they like each other.

  7. I'm really enjoying this story. I'm glad Eve and Hannah came back.-)

  8. Seems that even in our far-future posthuman present, love is still not a precise science…

  9. In the last panel Eve is SOOOOOO Tove Jansson-istic.

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