#188 – dark forces

12 thoughts on “#188 – dark forces

  1. Bitch! You have a boyfriend! And you hurt Will!

    1. In fairness, she didn't do anything that would break the normal sensibilities of a relationship. Sure, it was heading in a bad direction considering that, but maybe she had more control than you realized. Then again, maybe it was a movement of hers towards the end of her relationship with said boyfriend.

      1. …nah. BITCH!

        1. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

          Interesting how our sensibilities change. Ten years later and “bitch” feels… uncalled-for. I suppose gendered insults are a heel play, nowadays.

      2. That movement starts with breaking up and ends with moving on. Not the other way around. Never the other way around.

  2. It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

    1. I just laughed harder at your comment than I've laughed at anything all day.

  3. “This is the most Craigslist duel ever.”

    Awesome quotes, all throughout this comic, oh man. <3

    …and I still want to go to a Renaissance Fair. ;A;

  4. Aww. Don't dis the rennies 🙁

  5. …Is that a pentagram!?

  6. Technically, it's called a "pentangle," or the "endless knot," because it is completely interconnected. It's occasionally (well, at least once) used as a metaphor for the chivalric codes a knight must uphold- if the knight fails to uphold even one of the principles, the whole thing will come unraveled.

  7. The face on that poor little bat after careening of Will's hard hard head 😀

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